Five Key VIVEPORT Apps to Improve Collaboration

Here's how enterprises can optimise their work with tools from the VIVEPORT storefront

Five Crucial Viveport Applications to Improve Enterprise Collaboration and Communication
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Published: November 5, 2021


Rory Greener

Taiwanese tech firm HTC is a market-leading virtual reality (VR) hardware provider for enterprises and consumers due to its wide range of powerful HTC VIVE headsets and software solutions.

VIVEPORT, HTC VIVE’s digital storefront and subscription service, supports the distribution of PCVR applications, games, and immersive videos across roughly 80 countries.

To expand and foster its storefront ecosystem, HTC founded ‘VIVE for Developers,’ an online network for budding VR developer to access resources to educate individuals on developing immersive content.

HTC also introduced ‘VIVE X,’ an accelerator fund which assists VR startups with scaling and distributing VR content on VIVEPORT globally.

At this year’s VIVECON 2021 event, HTC unveiled the VIVE Pro 2 and  VIVE Focus 3, a pair of PCVR headsets containing powerful features designed to support VIVEPORT’s huge catalogue of content.

In addition, users can purchase a subscription to VIVEPORT Infinity, a service that gives users unlimited access to the VIVEPORT library with exclusive deals and access to newly released applications.

XR Today takes a closer look at VIVEPORT’s immersive collaboration and communication applications.


VIVE Sync is HTC’s in-house VR collaboration application that provides secure immersive environments suitable for enterprise-grade remote communication.

Following Sync’s beta launch in 2018, David Sapienza, AVP Content Development and Production, HTC VIVE, explained the platform was great for improving the quality of life across enterprise workforces, stating,

“VIVE Sync enables colleagues and partners across the world to interact in a shared virtual space, increasing productivity, collaboration and team chemistry”

VIVE’s native collaboration suite empowers workers with functions such as whiteboard interaction, advanced host tools, slick presentation tools, and support for imported 3D assets such as computer-aided designs (CADs).

Furthermore, the application has impressive immersive visuals and fully bespoke, animated 3D avatars.


ENGAGE VR is another tool used by wide range of companies and brands, including BMW, who held a series of showrooms and workshops on the immersive platform.

Additionally, ENGAGE users can create stunning presentations and individuals can incorporate many 2D applications such as Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, or YouTube seamlessly in the platform.

ENGAGE also provides enterprises with advanced tools to record and playback meetings, training modules, and events, and also allows reviews of full immersive social sessions as a real-time 3D animation, including all avatar interactions, movements, imported 3D assets, and media playback.

Employees can join with a VR headset or via a web browser t0 experience the immersive virtual space.

Museum of Other Realities

The Museum of Other Realities (MOR) is the top Metaverse space for digital artists to showcase their work.

The digital gallery supports interactive and immersive multiplayer art, and artists or brands can apply to showcase installations within the MOR Metaverse.

This creates a fantastic place for digital content creators to show creative art pieces and foster a community of VR artists on the platform.

MOR boasts constant updates and events to encourage growth of the constantly-evolving platform by connecting digital art lovers, brands, and creators.

Users can also enjoy the digital museum on official HTC headsets such as the VIVE Focus, Cosmos, and Pro, or join in via a web browser.

Croatian mixed reality (MR) content developers Delta Reality announced in early October it would auction an entire VR art gallery as a non-refundable token (NFT) for roughly $40,121.35 USD.


This September, HTC VIVE announced that STYLY would debut its creative cloud service on VIVEPORT.

STYLY is a free platform that offers VR content creators a cloud-based platform to design, distribute, and showcase immersive content.

Developers can create STYLY ‘scenes,’ or multiplayer VR environments ranging from a simple collaboration space to fully immersive music videos and even fashion runways.

Currently, there are roughly 10,000 unique VR scenes available with many practical use cases other than showcasing art.

Digital curator Miriam Arbus and TiltBrush artist Sean Rodrigo recently hosted the Dig into NEWVIEW 2021 tour to showcase how enterprises can utilise the STYLY developer ecosystem and various online immersive scenes.

Featured immersive experiences ranged from a reconstructed Venice canal and ‘Shimaseiki Sports plus DoubleMe,’ an eCommerce virtual space showcasing high-quality renders of the sports brand.

Currently, the platform is free to download so users can start enjoying the thousands of immersive opportunities on STYLY.

Firefox Reality

Firefox Reality is an immersive virtual desktop solution that allows employees to browse the web from within a PCVR headset.

Users can easily navigate though Firefox’s secure web browsing experience in VR, and users can seamlessly switch from 2D browsing to immersive 3D web-based content or WebXR experiences.

The store page notes Firefox Reality is an early-preview build despite Firefox updating the app in September to support version 30 of its browser.

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