NEWVIEW, STYLY Virtual Tour Reveals Unity WebXR

Rory Greener

Representatives from Both Firms Launched the Event to Highlight the Platform's Potential

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NEWVIEW, STYLY Virtual Tour Reveals Unity WebXR

NEWVIEW, a global community of virtual reality (VR) creatives and thinkers, held the ‘Dig Into Newview 2021’ digital tour highlighting the artistic and eCommerce potential of the Unity-powered STYLY platform.

Digital curator Miriam Arbus and TiltBrush artist Sean Rodrigo led tours for curious onlookers via several ‘scenes’ curating the work of NEWVIEW and STYLY content creators.

The STYLY creative platform contains numerous community-focused applications to build a developer ecosystem across various online shared spaces, which the tour beautifully highlighted.

Featured Scenes

The tour opened with a STYLY waiting room, where avid tourgoers from across the world met with tour hosts and others.

Attendees later joined conversations and enjoyed the virtual company, despite Styly’s simplistic avatars lacking individual customisation features.

Following the waiting room, tour hosts teleported the group into various ‘scenes,’ which are 3D renders of shared digital environments supporting many forms of digital art.

The first featured scene, ‘Venice Marcopolo‘, stunned audiences with a reconstructed Venice canal using photogrammy to capture a small portion of the historic city.

The scene is a great example of what Styly can achieve as the scene contained truly impressive reflective water that mirrored surroundings without slowing Quest 2 performance.

Tour guides later teleported the group to DJ Plugmatics’ Sound Cubes Alignmented scene, where the musician and VR artist provided a virtual stage, music, a large-scale 3D render that dwarfed users in size, and the scene’s titular interactable Sound Cubes, which allowed users to make their own music.

Workshop‘ by Paul Heaston was the next feature, which showcased a novel 360 panorama immersive experience with a hand-drawn scene.

Similarly, the following VR music video by Android Girl for the song ‘CocoTsuki‘ placed users in a metro system that comes alive with sci-fi VR effects and visualisations appearing around virtual singers.

Both the Workshop scene and Android Girl music video perfectly demonstrated the range of immersive entertainment that can be experienced on STYLY.

A Practical Use Case

But, Styly is not just a place for artists to showcase their work, but can empower enterprise with new opportunities.

‘Shimaseiki Sports plus DoubleMe’ is a virtual showcase environment that exemplified how a Styly scene can be used as an eCommerce and virtual showroom solution.

In this case, the scene showcased a collaboration between the Japanese sports brand and Californian mixed reality (MR) capture firm.

DoubleMe used their renowned MR capture solution to create high quality 3D clothing renders that looked brilliant up close, which did not effect performance on the Quest 2.

Finally, the tour concluded with ‘T.R.I.P‘ by digital artist Saki Takegawa, an interactive gaming experience where players need to collect coins with a retro car.

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