HTC VIVE Updates Security and Privacy Policy

Rory Greener

The Taiwanese tech giant achieves ISO certification to enhance data protection policies for VR users

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HTC VIVE Updates Security and Privacy Policy

This week, Taiwanese consumer electronics firm HTC VIVE announced updates its security and privacy policies so that organisations using its solutions can responsibly protect user data as well as personally identifiable information (PII).

Due to privacy and security updates, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) granted the tech firm ISO27001 and ISO27701 certifications.

The ISO is an independent and non-governmental international organisation that develops standards to support ethical technological innovation. Both certifications recognise the strides that HTC VIVE is taking to protect large groups of its users.

The Taoyuan City-based firm underwent an ISO expert evaluation of its approach to protecting employee and client information, leading to the ISO 27001 certification.

In addition, the ISO awarded HTC VIVE with an accompanying ISO 27701 certificate that recognises the firm’s compliance with European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines.

HTC VIVE achieved ISO certification by adhering to the committee’s standards, showing the firm’s commitment to protecting data of its wide client-base, which includes, Talespin, and Axon.

The Taiwanese headset manufactures enhanced its privacy policies as it “move[s] into the metaverse era,” and explained how the protection of customers data was of “paramount importance” as the firm secured ISO certification.

HTC VIVE for Enterprise Collaboration

The news comes as HTC announced multiple virtual reality (VR) software and hardware solutions built for induvial users or enterprise workforces.

Most recently, HTC debuted VIVE Flow, a consumer-grade VR headset that empowers users to manage mental health and wellness via a selection of meditative applications such as Tripp and Healium.

Additionally, HTC VIVE Flow supports online immersive experiences such as STYLY, where users can relax in artistic VR environments with friends or family.

Further news from HTC VIVE revealed a pair of brand-new mixed reality (MR) headsets built for consumer and enterprise use cases: The consumer-grade VIVE Pro 2 MR headset and enterprise-grade Vive Focus 3.

To support enterprise customers, HTC is developing ‘VIVE Sync,’ a VR immersive shared space that increases productivity and collaboration across workforces. The platform is currently in beta, although a rich roadmap foresees new features as the firm heads towards the metaverse era.

Customers can use HTC VIVE products and services to improve collaboration at various levels, thanks to the brilliant selection of immersive applications available on the VIVIEPORT storefront.

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