Japanese EMTs Trial Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses

Vuzix initiates the Emergency Medical Care Plan, providing ambulance workers with AR hardware

Japanese EMTs Trial Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses
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Published: August 17, 2022


Rory Greener

This Tuesday, vendors of enterprise-grade augmented reality (AR) smart glasses Vuzix announced a series of trials of its immersive hardware to improve patient outcomes across Japanese ambulance operations.

Vuxiz is trialling its M400 smart glasses as part of its “Emergency Medical Care Plan.” The trial aims to improve lifesaving recovery rates amongst critically ill patients.

Participating healthcare establishments include Juntendo University, Shizuoka Hospital, the Shunto Izu Fire Department, and AVR Japan Co LTD.

Japanese emergency medical technicians (EMTs) will equip M400 devices for hands-free remote communications at hospitals, allowing EMTs to transmit crucial patient data, including vital signs, electrocardiogram (ECG) readouts, and a real-time video feed of a patient.

Vuzix explains that its AR-powered remote communication and guidance tools prepare hospitals for seriously ill patients before they arrive and lets a doctor or nurse provide accurate assistance to EMTs.

Paul Travers, the CEO of Vuzix, added,

“Among their expanding healthcare uses, Vuzix smart glasses can be an important life-saving tool for EMTs that require critical interaction and support from the hospitals to which they ae headed”

Only select ambulances from the Shunto Izu Fire Department will operate with M400 hardware, with plans to expand the product’s usage in other regions to let Vuzix conduct broader research.

Additionally, Travers explains that the M400 device can provide similar assistance to “other providers in Japan and around the world.”

He also added,

“Our glasses are lightweight, comfortable and completely wireless, making them ideal to be used alongside the other head-mounted equipment EMTs must wear”

Vuzix Smart Glasses for Healthcare Professionals

In August, Vuzix partnered with Westbase.io to scale the availability of its smart glasses to UK and EU clients. The extended reality (XR) solutions distributor reportedly received and shipped a sizeable first volume of Vuzix purchase orders.

Westbase’s partnership with Vuzix also allows the firm to distribute immersive solutions to vertical markets like healthcare, automotive, and manufacturing.

In May, Vuzix also assisted healthcare workers operating on the frontline in the Ukrainian conflict. Vuzix partnered with Ohana One and TeleVU to deliver immersive remote guidance hardware and software.

The software package also gives the nation’s healthcare professionals smart glasses, immersive training, and management tools.



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