VITURE Launches Latest XR Glasses ‘VITURE Pro’

The glasses were made to ‘redefine’ the XR eyewear industry

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Published: May 22, 2024

James Stephen

VITURE has released its latest set of XR glasses ‘VITURE Pro’, which it designed to ‘redefine’ the industry.

According to the immersive mobile entertainment company, the VITURE Pro offers high-end gaming and streaming experiences with a 135-inch virtual screen, one of the biggest displays on the market.

These glasses follow in the footsteps of its award-winning predecessor, the VITURE One XR headset, that was named one of  TIME’s Best Inventions and won the 2023 Consumer Electronica Show (CES) Award, where it was also demoed last year.

David Jiang, CEO of VITURE, commented on the release of its new model of XR glasses: “As the XR landscape continues to evolve, our commitment to immersive experiences remains steadfast.

“With the introduction of VITURE Pro, we want to continue enhancing XR glasses and revolutionise digital interaction.

“As the largest virtual screens available in XR glasses today, we aim to give wearers the best gaming, streaming, and productivity experience.”

Benefits of the VITURE Pro

The VITURE Pro glasses have a USB-C port to enable a seamless connection to laptops, smartphones, and handheld gaming devices. This means the glasses can be utilised for a broad scope of gaming experiences across multiple devices, whether it be to stream tv shows or play video games anywhere, anytime.

With a ten percent larger display than the VITURE ONE, it allows for greater detail and clarity, resulting in more immersive user experiences.

Moreover, the display refresh rate has gone up from 60Hz to120Hz, which also helps to improve the visual quality. The brightness has also been raised to 4000 nits, helping to maintain clarity in the brightest environments.

When it comes to the sound experience, VITURE Pro has integrated myopia alterations in the new Sony panel, which can be customised to suit individual needs.

The leading testing, inspection, and certification company, SGS, has awarded the VITURE Pro XR Glasses a low visual fatigue certification, which means its causes less eye strain than ordinary phone and monitor screens.

The glasses also include anti-glare, anti-ghost, and anti-motion sickness features so that users can remain immersed within their content with fewer potential external distractions.

In its related press release, VITURE talks through some of  the privacy features it has added to the new XR headset: “Privacy is paramount to VITURE Pro’s design. The XR glasses show none of the wearer’s display on the outer lens, and the designers have partnered with HARMAN once again to engineer the highest quality sound privacy, guaranteeing an immersive auditory experience that doesn’t bleed out to those around the wearer.

“VITURE Pro XR Glasses also feature improved electrochromic film (housed in the outer lenses) that eliminates the need for additional lens shades, providing nearly 100 percent light-blocking capability when activated — great for total immersion in bright environments.

“Whether commuting, relaxing at home, or out in public, those nearby won’t be able to hear or see the glasses’ content, allowing users to enjoy themselves undisturbed.”

The VITURE PRO XR glasses have an upgraded Mobile Dock, which has been designed for maximum performance and convenience.

Finally, a collaboration with game controller brand 8BitDo has resulted in the limited edition VITURE x 8BitDo Ultimate C Bluetooth Controller that has been tailor-made for the VITURE Neckband, with compatibility across platforms such as PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo.

The VITURE Pro is now available for purchase from the VITURE store for $459.



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