Valve Developing Standalone VR Headset, Report Says

Demond Cureton
Senior Journalist

The rumoured headset, codenamed 'Deckard', will compete with Facebook's Oculus Quest 2

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Valve Developing Standalone VR Headset, Report Says

Virtual Reality headset maker Valve is reportedly developing a standalone headset, a report from YouTuber Brad Lynch claims.

Ars Technica also reported on Tuesday sources familiar with the matter had verified some of Lynch’s findings.

According to the report, Valve mentioned the rumoured device codenamed ‘Deckard’ as early as January and began testing several headsets leading to a “proof of concept” verion in June.

Standalone headsets do not require tethering to external devices such as Valve’s SteamVR tracking boxes, desktops, laptops, mobiles, or tablets.

Such devices in the current VR headset market include Facebook’s Oculus Quest, which can tether wirelessly to a computer using an AirLink connection.

The report also claims it discovered a further hint on Deckard from the SteamVR Linux ARM binary, indicating a potential processing system in the upcoming headset.

Valve has not immediately respond to Ars Technica questions on the Deckard device.

New Wave of VR Headsets

News of the standalone devices come amid updates on Apple’s long-awaited mixed reality headset, which is expected in the latter part of the second half in 2022. Rumours on the expected release of the device began circulating as the Cupertino-based firm file a series of patents ahead of the announcement.

Apple’s premium headset will not include standalone features, but will require tethering to iPhones or Mac computers capable of offloading heavy processing demands from the device.

HTC VIVE also released a Pro 2 full kit device for pre-orders, allowing customers to purchase an enterprise-level, standalone kit capable of untethered functionality along with two base stations.

Chinese headset maker DPVR also announced in late August it would open sales in September for two all-in-one devices, the P1 Ultra 4K and P1 Pro Light, for enterprise-level use.



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