The Best Apple Vision Pro Apps in 2024

A Complete Guide to the Best Apple Vision Pro Apps

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Published: May 13, 2024

Rebekah Carter

Rebekah Carter

If you want to make the most of Apple’s latest spatial computing phenomenon, you’ll need the best Apple Vision Pro apps. When the headset first launched, the number of unique apps available was pretty limited. Since then, Apple has gone all-in on expanding its app store.

While the tech leader’s app marketplace might not compete with Meta’s yet, it’s definitely on the right track. Already, the Apple Vision Pro can run more than a million iPad and iPhone-compatible apps, as well as over a thousand unique apps for different use cases.

Here, I’ll introduce you to some of the best Apple Vision Pro apps available, whether you’re looking to relax after work or invest in immersive collaboration.

What are Apple Vision Pro Apps?

As a quick primer, Apple Vision Pro apps are the tools or software packages designed for or compatible with Apple’s spatial computing device. Currently, there are various different types of apps available on the headset. Including:

  • iPad and iPhone apps: These are the (mostly unaltered) apps from your existing Apple devices that run as a window in VisionOS without any specific extra features. Think of things like the Apple iCloud and Wallet apps.
  • They converted iPad and iPhone apps: Third-party and Apple-native apps that have been updated by a developer with VisionOS to become a “native” app for Apple Vision Pro. These apps will include specific spatial computing and mixed-reality features.
  • New VisionOS apps: These are apps built from the ground up to work in mixed reality and fully take advantage of the spatial computing capabilities offered by Vision Pro. Apple already offers developer resources to users who want to create these apps from scratch.

Obviously, the apps designed for the Apple Vision Pro are usually the most impressive. These take full advantage of the device’s unique capabilities, leveraging features like spatial tracking and hand/eye tracking. While there are fewer of these custom-made apps available at the moment, new options are emerging every day as Apple continues to collaborate with developers.

The Best Apple Vision Pro Apps (With Our Top Picks)

Currently, if you include Apple’s iPad and iPhone apps compatible with the Vision Pro, there are thousands of options to experience on the Apple Vision Pro. You can find Apple’s app store here, or access it directly from your device by loading the app store from the home screen.

Here, I’ll cover some of my favorite Apple Vision Pro apps so far for everything from business productivity to collaboration and entertainment.

The Best Apple Vision Pro Apps Created by Apple

During WWDC 2023, Apple’s debut of the Apple Vision Pro primarily focused on the existing Apple tools that would work on the headset.

For instance, the VisionOS beta contains over 20 built-in apps you’ll already be familiar with on Apple devices. These include Apple’s “Optic ID” for biometric security and MacOS and iOS standards like Contacts, Freeform, iTunes, and the Sleep widget.

My favorite app created by Apple is probably the “Siri” app, which allows you to interact with an AI assistant when you’re using the device. This is extremely useful during collaboration sessions, as you can ask Siri to load documents, share your screen, and even add contacts to a call.

Other handy apps include:

  • App Store
  • Messages
  • Mail
  • Safari
  • Photos
  • Mindfulness
  • Music
  • Freeform
  • Apple TV
  • Keynote
  • Notes
  • Settings
  • Apple Arcade

The Best Apple Vision Pro Apps for Collaboration

Apple has certainly proven its commitment to serving business users with its high-end spatial computing device. The device launched with a handful of popular communication and collaboration apps already available to access. My favorite options so far are the Zoom app for the Vision Pro, with integrated spatial video, and 3D object sharing, and the Microsoft Teams app.

With Teams, you can also access Microsoft’s generative AI assistant (Copilot) during your meetings to create summaries, generate presentations, and draft text without a keyboard.

The only downside is both of these apps rely on Apple’s “Persona” feature, which gives you a digital avatar to stand in for you during meetings. While the Persona feature is improving, thanks to software updates, many users don’t like the “uncanny” nature of their virtual avatars.

Some other apps you can use for collaboration include:

The Best Apple Vision Pro Apps for Productivity

Apple Vision Pro apps for business users extend far beyond immersive collaboration options. The device supports a huge number of productivity apps for any type of work.

Overall, my favorite productivity apps are the range of Microsoft Office apps available for the Vision Pro. You can access everything from Microsoft Teams (with Mesh), to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Loop, and OneNote, without removing your headset.

There are even some features unique to the headset on each app. For instance, Word has a “focus mode”, to help eliminate distractions. PowerPoint even includes an immersive environment where you can practice presentations in front of a virtual audience.

Some of the top Apple Vision Pro apps for productivity include:

The Best Apple Vision Pro Apps for Specific Sectors

In specific industries, professionals already use dedicated Apple Vision Pro apps to help enhance their productivity and performance. For instance, in the UK, surgeons have used the headset to help guide them through an operation.

Ultimately, the best apps here vary depending on your industry, but I’ve been very impressed by the “Insight Heart” app for medical students. It allows you to dive inside a human heart and even see what it looks like during a workout.

Here are some of the top Apple Vision Pro apps for specific sectors.

App development

Graphics and design



Image editing

The Top Apps for Entertainment

Although I personally see the Apple Vision Pro as more of a tool for business users than everyday consumers, there are plenty of apps available for entertainment purposes. It makes sense. After all, the Vision Pro offers an incredible immersive viewing experience, with an advanced spatial audio system, advanced micro-OLED displays, and more.

The Disney+ app is probably the most impressive here. It allows you to stream content in a range of virtual environments. The Vision Pro’s high resolution really shines through with this app, making you feel as though you’re sitting in a brand-new space.

The top Apple Vision Pro apps for entertainment include:

The Best Apple Vision Pro Apps for Gaming

Since I mentioned entertainment, it’s worth drawing attention to Apple’s gaming apps too. When the Apple Vision Pro launched, it offered access to more than 250 titles from the Apple Arcade catalog, and new options are constantly emerging on the app marketplace.

One of my favorites is the “Super Fruit Ninja” game, which leverages spatial computing technology to place you inside of one of Apple’s most popular arcade titles. The graphics are excellent, and you can even use your hands in various ways. For instance, forming a triangle with your fingers will shoot an energy beam at the fruit you want to slice.

Some of the other popular titles available include:

The Best Apple Vision Pro Lifestyle Apps

As the ever-increasing flow of Apple Vision Pro memes show us, fans of the device are using it for absolutely everything. That includes keeping themselves entertained when they’re walking the dog, planning home refurbishments, and even cooking new recipes.

One of my favorite “lifestyle” apps for the Vision Pro is the Planner 5D home improvement tool, which allows you to view design projects, explore a range of home décor and furniture options, and customize items using your hands and eyes. It’s great if you’re planning on redecorating.

Here are some of the other great lifestyle apps available:

Everyday Lifestyle apps

Finance and News

Navigation and Travel

Weather, Food and Drink

Shopping and Social Networking

Health and fitness

The Best Apple Vision Pro Apps for Music

Similar to Apple’s broad range of entertainment apps for video lovers, the Vision Pro also provides access to a range of spatial computing-enhanced music experiences. My favorite app is AmazeVR Concerts, which allows you to immerse yourself in 3D footage of your favorite artists in concert.

If you’re a music creator, then the Spatial Symphony app is excellent, allowing you to experiment with a synthesizer controlled by your hand gestures. There’s even three-dimensional waveform visualization, so you can see the sound moving around you.

Top Apple Vision Pro apps for music lovers include:

The Best Apple Vision Pro Utilities

Technically, utilities on the Apple Vision Pro might not be classed as “official apps”. However, they definitely add a lot to the spatial computing experience. I actually used a number of these utilities in my review of the Apple Vision Pro, and thought they were great for boosting productivity and immersion. In particular, I love the “Splitscreen” option.

It’s ideal for taking advantage of the incredible multitasking capabilities of the Vision Pro. However, to access the full functionality, you will need to pay a $20 fee.

Other great utilities include:

What the Apple Vision Pro Apps Mean for Business Users

The number of Apple Vision Pro apps available to download and use is growing all the time, and there are definitely plenty of options out there for business users. Although you’ll find many games, entertainment apps, and music options on Apple’s app store, it’s clear the company is prioritizing making its device a must-have for the enterprise.

The company works with countless third-party vendors to create everything from immersive workplaces for collaboration to spatially enhanced versions of popular tools. I can definitely see plenty of opportunities for Apple’s apps to help companies:

  • Boost productivity: With options ranging from Microsoft’s Office apps to specialist tools for designers and healthcare experts, Apple’s Vision Pro could become a productivity powerhouse for business leaders and their teams.
  • Enhanced customer engagement: Companies investing in extended reality for customer service can design their own apps for the Vision Pro, or use existing tools to build personalized shopping and onboarding experiences.
  • Enhance training experiences: There are various great training and educational apps available for the Apple Vision Pro, making it an excellent choice for companies using mixed reality for employee development.
  • Increase revenue: With Apple’s development kits, companies can design unique immersive experiences that boost their chances of sales and conversions. There are endless opportunities here to unlock new revenue streams and boost customer engagement.
  • Improve collaboration: Though the Personas used in Apple’s collaboration apps for the Vision Pro are a little creepy, the overall experience is excellent. The collaboration tools are great for connecting staff members from all over the world.

The Future of Apple Vision Pro Apps

Compared to all the apps available for tools like the Meta Quest and Valve Index, the list of Apple Vision Pro apps available today might seem small. However, it’s worth remembering we’re only at the beginning of Apple’s spatial computing journey.

Apple is actively encouraging developers to dive into the VisionOS operating system themselves, using a Mac with Apple Silicon. Users can leverage SwiftUI to create immersive experiences in Vision OS and build app 3D content with RealityKit and Reality Composure Pro. There’s also the option to use ARKit to integrate content with in-person surroundings.

Plus, Unity offers a range of authoring tools to users who want to get involved with VisionOS. These give companies complete access to Unity’s PolySpatial technology, digital twin creation capabilities, and more.

Going forward, Apple’s huge range of apps will only continue to grow, offering brand-new immersive experiences to those exploring the world of spatial computing.

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