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Published: February 5, 2024

Rebekah Carter

Rebekah Carter

The internet has gone crazy for the Vision Pro. It’s been less than a week since Apple released its long-awaited spatial computing headset, and the Apple Vision Pro meme explosion has already begun.

Consumers lucky enough to get their hands on the popular headset have spent the last few days sharing videos, posting on social media, and exploring what the device can do.

Some users have even managed to become warning stories about exactly how not to use your Apple Vision Pro.

Now we know the Vision Pro has pass-through cameras so you can see the world around you while you wear it – but let’s be safe, people!

To celebrate the launch of the Apple Vision Pro, we scoured the internet for some of the best Apple Vision Pro meme posts, social content, and videos. You’re in for a wild ride.

People Exploring Crazy Uses for the Apple Vision Pro

In the run up to the release of the Apple Vision Pro, we’ve shared plenty of our own insights into potential use cases for the headset. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that this headset will be ideal for both entertainment and business use cases. After all, not only does it have its own dedicated entertainment apps, but it works with solutions like Zoom and Microsoft 365 apps too.

Unfortunately, as the onslaught of Apple Vision Pro meme posts on social media shows, not everyone is using the device “as intended.”

Here are some of the oddest ways we’ve seen people using the Vision Pro so far.

Don’t try this at home!

1.      Using the Apple Vision Pro When Driving

The video above isn’t the only example of people (dangerously) wearing their Apple Vision Pro headsets on the road. While we know that the Vision Pro does have a “speed limit and travel mode,” similar to some AR apps on your smartphone, you shouldn’t be using it behind the wheel.

Yes, you can see the world around you when wearing the Pro, thanks to its mixed reality capabilities. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to own a modern Tesla, you might assume your car can simply “drive itself.” But Apple advises everyone to avoid using the Vision Pro on any vehicle (even a bicycle).

Just watching this video on Twitter makes us feel nervous:


2.      Apple Vision Pro Workouts

@prophet_alers Cardio is so much eaiser when uou on corn hub im living in 2024. #applevisionpro #apple #iphone #gym #fitness #fitnesstips ♬ original sound – Prophet

We get it; working out can be pretty dull, particularly if you’re staring at a boring gym wall for hours. Still, it’s probably not a good idea to immerse yourself in virtual reality while walking on a treadmill or lifting weights.

Even with the passthrough capabilities of the Pro, it can be difficult to keep an eye on what you’re doing when you’re playing with apps. If you want an immersive workout experience, it’s worth checking out the omnidirectional treadmills designed for external reality.

3.      Using the Apple Vision Pro on the Street

@lukemianiyt Using Vision Pro in public #apple #visionpro #tech #vr #publicinterview #applesquad ♬ original sound – LukeMianiYT

We thought the trend of taking your extended reality headset out onto the street died with the original Google Glass. Apparently not! Countless influencers and Apple consumers have been spotted on the street, using their Vision Pro headsets in public.

As tempting as showing off your $3,499 device on the move might be, it’s really not a good idea. First, you risk putting yourself in danger, like the guy below who seems to be fully locked into his XR experience:

@sanjosefoos Its hasnt even been a day yet #apple #applevision #applevisionpro #visionpro #sanjose #siliconvalley ♬ original sound – SJFOOS

Secondly, there’s a good chance you could end up dropping your Vision Pro and smashing the screen. Almost every Apple smartphone user knows how heart-wrenching that is. With glass replacements costing hundreds of dollars (Even with AppleCare Plus), we’d say it’s just not worth the risk.

Plus, let’s face it, you probably don’t look as “cool” as you think you do. Just look at this guy:

Doing Everyday Tasks with the Apple Vision Pro

It seems people are going “all-in” on the Apple Vision Pro experience. After all, unlike most standard XR headsets, this is a device you really can take anywhere. Plus, it allows users to continue interacting with the world around them while wearing the headset. That does make it easier to embed your new device into every part of your life.

However, we think some users might be going a little over the top with their Vision Pro experience. In fact, some Apple Vision Pro meme posters think we might be officially entering the “Black Mirror” era (scary thought).

Here’s a quick look at how people are entering the metaverse (full-time) with the Vision Pro:

Apple Vision Pro Grocery Shopping

Sick of those boring trips to the supermarket? Want to look up price comparisons and recipes without using your plain old smartphone? We’re not sure the Apple Vision Pro is the best solution, with a battery life of just two and a half hours and a hefty price tag, but this man disagrees:

Cooking in the Metaverse

Cooking with your Vision Pro is slightly safer than actually shopping in the headset, though we still recommend keeping the device away from liquids. Tech columnist Joanna Stern says cooking in the Vision Pro is one of her favorite ways to use the device:

Plus, since you don’t have to interact with any physical buttons or controllers, you can eat in the headset, too, without worrying about smearing grease and crumbs everywhere:

Making Boring Journeys Immersive

While you definitely shouldn’t be driving in your Apple Vision Pro headset, you can always use it on the tube, train, or in the back of a taxi. Once again, we think it’s a pretty expensive way to make your commute more entertaining, but at least it’s a good distraction from annoying passengers.

Walking the (Dog?) with the Vision Pro

We haven’t seen anyone taking their actual dog for a walk with the Vision Pro (yet), and that’s probably a good thing. However, in London, one man drew a lot of attention from passers-by, walking his “robot dog” with his headset.

Pro tip: if you want to avoid the dangers of being out in public with Fido wearing your Vision Pro, you can always use an app to create your own virtual pet to look after at home instead. A bonus? There’s no mess to clean up this way.

Turbo-Charging Entertainment

With impending apps for things like Disney Plus, the Apple Vision Pro is set to be a revolutionary solution for entertainment. While other people push the boundaries of social conduct and personal safety, some Vision Pro users are starting to experiment with more practical use cases.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the Front Office Sports team enjoying a game on the Vision Pro, with multiple screens:

And here’s another video from a YouTube influencer (Brian Tong) showcasing the immersive entertainment experience:

Top Apple Vision Pro Meme Posts

Let’s end this roundup with a closer look at some of the top Apple Vision Pro meme posts we’ve been sharing in the office. This should give you a good idea of exactly what consumers are saying about the Vision Pro right now.

  1. People really are using the Vision Pro everywhere



  1. Forget Bikini lines, there’s a whole new sunbathing problem in 2024

  1. A life in the metaverse is still a life, right?

4. Distractions are everywhere in the metaverse

5. Yes, we know you’re proud of your new headset

  1. You’ll never be bored waiting for an appointment again!

  1. Your new greatest fear

  1. You can almost feel the heat! This is real immersion.

  1. Who doesn’t want to feel like Iron Man?

  1. So realistic.

The Apple Vision Pro Meme Trend Has Just Begun

In a matter of days, the number of Apple Vision Pro meme and video posts has skyrocketed. It seems like this spatial computing headset is all anyone can talk about right now. Does this mean the Vision Pro will be the success Apple was hoping for? Or are we just seeing signs that people don’t know how to use extended reality safely?

Right now, it’s difficult to say. We’ll leave you with one final, trending discussion to ponder from the memeverse. Once again, fans are saying The Simpsons predicted the success of the Apple Vision Pro way back in 2016. You can check out the episode, which includes characters walking around in public, in the headset, just like they’re doing now:

The headset even looks a lot like the Vision Pro. Almost creepy, isn’t it?


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