Meta Sells 10m Quest 2 Headsets, Qualcomm Claims

Demond Cureton
Senior Journalist

The findings were revealed in a key meeting this week, indicating promising sales growth for the Metaverse partners

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Meta Sells 10m Quest 2 Headsets, Qualcomm Claims

Meta Platforms, Inc received a huge boost to its earnings after Cristiano Amon, Chief Executive of Qualcomm, said the firm had sold roughly 10 million Quest 2 headsets, the Verge reported on Tuesday.

Amon shared the figures on Meta’s top-selling standalone headsets in an investor’s day report for the third quarter, evidencing the Menlo Park-based firm’s rapid gains since October.

He added his firm’s technologies were “the ticket to the Metaverse” amid its massive push to increase visibility for its technologies in the virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) markets.

Meta’s Quest 2 uses Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processors to back the popular headset’s standalone processing power, the Verge noted.

According to a Qualcomm spokesperson, the 10 million unit figures offered by the CEO were a calculated “average of third-party market size estimates from industry analysts” and did not indicate an official release of sales figures from both tech firms.

Meta Quest 2 Q3 Sales

The findings come just weeks after Meta revealed its third quarter sales of 1.38 million Quest 2 headset sales, AR Insider said in a report.

Researchers citing their figures in the report estimated Quest 2 headsets earned the Metaverse company up to 90 percent of its hardware profits, with a further $28 billion USD gained from VR advertisements.

Further reports found the Quest 2 had also climbed to 31 percent of headset usage on Valve’s SteamVR analysis. The tech giant made significant gains after releasing a 128 GB version of the headset along with silicon face guard protectors, following a scandal where users claimed the headsets caused skin rashes, leading to European Union regulators temporarily pulling the devices from store shelves.



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