Engage XR Updates its Enterprise Metaverse Platform

ENGAGE XR gains fresh features, updates, and bug fixes ahead of its LINK platform debut

Engage XR Updates its Enterprise Metaverse Platform
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Published: November 4, 2022


Rory Greener

Last week, ENGAGE XR, a virtual meeting and collaboration platform, debuted its latest extended reality (XR) version 3.0 build. The update comes as ENGAGE XR ramps up efforts to debut LINK, a persistent enterprise Metaverse service.

ENGAGE XR v3 includes a trove of new features, updates, and bug fixes that improve the platform’s performance. In its most recent version, ENGAGE XR received a new boundary system, similar to Meta’s Horizon privacy solution, which creates a digital safeguard around a user in an immersive Metaverse space. Thanks to the update, session users cannot disturb each other when they activate the safeguard.

Additionally, the latest version adds new host options that provide the ability to enable/disable personal boundaries, options to control avatar settings, mute LITE users, and access to a list of users to identify LITE accounts.

ENGAGE XR also adds new navigation options, including a new in-session user search function and the option to sort the user list by various statuses. The ENGAGE XR update also includes management options allowing users to delete their ENGAGE XR account.

Additionally, the version three update adds seat-to-seat teleportation, 3D chroma key video support, and the option to loop shared video content.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

In addition to its navigational and avatar updates, ENGAGE XR v3 comes with various minor improvements and bug fixes which optimize the platform during online sessions.

For its avatar system, ENGAGE XR v3 optimizes avatar bone structures, standardizes the number of full-body avatars that appear to a maximum of five, and reduces the brightness of white clothing items.

Additionally, ENGAGE XR now lets users access new session features like an improved system for joining a persistent session, the ability for a session host to switch to a private room, and new loading screens for transitioning between immersive environments.

ENGAGE XR also improves multiplayer sessions by adding a new session event type for concerts – a bespoke feature only available via direct support from the ENGAGE XR development team. The events session feature contains options like registration cut-off dates and indicators for sessions with limited availability.

Other quality-of-life improvements include a resigned UI, localization, portals, host controls, media, security, and performance features.

Internal Report Confirms Enterprise Metaverse Release Window

In late September, ENGAGE XR released its H1 financial report, which, among many things, confirmed the release window of its upcoming enterprise-grade Metaverse platform LINK.

The report explained that ENGAGE LINK’s development is going smoothly, with the firm forecasting the platform’s release at the tail-end of 2022.

ENGAGE Link is an enterprise-focused Metaverse service that operates various “Metaworlds”, which clients can run as a persistent, always online business hub. ENGAGE enables users to move between Metaworlds via immersive portals, which the firm improved on in its version three update ahead of LINK’s debut.

The platform also contains Virtual Campus, Virtual Office, and Virtual Events as integrated sister solutions to suit different enterprise use cases, similar to how Meta unified its Horizon hub of virtual worlds.

In the report, David Whelan, the CEO of ENGAGE XR, noted that his firm is focusing on developing tools and services for enterprise and university customers. He also said that ENGAGE XR is developing solutions to help clients engage with employees, customers and students in the Metaverse.

Additionally, the report explained how ENGAGE XR is scaling and accelerating its sales, marketing, and support teams to support a new clientele. The firm is also expanding into new regions like the US and Asia,

The report also revealed that ENGAGE XR achieved €4.9 million in net cash flow for the first fiscal half of 2022, along with a 41 percent increase in total revenue year-on-year. Additionally, the firm reached €1.79 million in 2022 from €1.25 million in 2021.



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