Meta to Unify Horizon Worlds

Ahead of global deployment, Horizon uses immersive portals to combine Metaverse services

Meta to Unify Horizon Worlds
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Published: May 12, 2022


Rory Greener

Last Friday, Meta announced the unification of its Horizon Metaverse platform, including the virtual reality (VR) services Worlds and Venues, under one roof for Meta Quest 2 users.

Meta achieves this by creating portals in each Metaverse service that users walk into to transport themselves into one of two Horizon environments. Meta also operates Horizon Workrooms, an enterprise-grade remote meeting and collaboration service, but the Menlo Park-based firm has not confirmed portals for Workrooms.

In June, Meta will publicly deploy its portals that connect the Metaverse platforms. The Horizon portals enable Meta Quest users to enjoy Venue-exclusive immersive live events, like concerts or stand-up comedy shows, within a dedicated space on Horizon Worlds. Users will not have to leave their shared Horizon environment to enjoy immersive content together.

Additionally, Meta will soon allow users to watch replays of immersive live events via the firm’s Oculus TV application for the Quest.

The Horizon portal service will debut on June 8th 2022. Although, with the portal update, Horizon users between the ages of 13 – 17, or Quest 1 owners, will no longer be able to access Venues as a standalone service and instead will have to go through the Worlds application.

Currently, Horizon Worlds is only available to US and Canadian users over 18. However, Meta confirms that it will deploy Horizons in more regions this summer so international fans can build with its line-up of powerful content creation and distribution tools.

Creating on Horizon Worlds

In December 2021, Meta released Horizon Worlds for US and Canadian Meta Quest 2 users. Recently, Meta introduced many tools to encourage Metaverse content creation and monetisation.

The official Twitter account for Horizon Worlds teased a rich 3D asset library that enables creators at all skill levels to create a personalised Metaverse environment.

Last month, Meta Platform’s Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Bosworth, released a tweet explaining how the firm will debut the Horizon service across various platforms such as smartphones, tablets, internet browsers, and gaming consoles.

The tweet came after intense backlash following Meta’s new creator fees for the Horizon platform. Meta revealed that it would take roughly 47.5 percent of a virtual content sale. Although, Bosworth explained how the costs are lower than other Metaverse platforms like Roblox.

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