Six More Workplace Spatial Applications on Vision Pro

SyngeryXR, JigSpace, OmniPlan among others bring enterprise grade services to the spatial computing device

Six More Workplace Spatial Applications on Vision Pro
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Published: February 8, 2024


Rory Greener

The Vision Pro appears to be gaining interest in the mainstream space. While the impact is early, there seems to be a wave of potential and optimism in the air, hoping that XR will have a longstanding mainstream moment.

Apple’s Vision Pro could buck an industry trend of impressive XR devices coming without system-selling applications. But because Apple readied developers last year, and now many applications are debuting on the service – Will this momentum continue, however?

For enterprise, the Vision Pro presents a curious concept as, unlike predecessors like Meta, Apple focused on productivity as its core use case, leading to various enterprise-ready applications landing on the product ready for launch.

Last week, XR Today covered six workplace applications on the Vision Pro; already, many more have come to the surface, so let’s take a look.


SynergyXR, a world-leading immersive learning and training platform for enterprise clients, made a massive splash by launching its service on Vision Pro from day one.

The user-centric platform is debuting on the service to propel the availability of the service, increase service accessibility, and send shockwaves across the digital interaction space.

Sune Wolff, the CTO and Co-Founder of  SynergyXR, added:

Apple Vision Pro is the ultimate platform for SynergyXR. They are a perfect match! Users can now interact with virtual objects with their eyes, hands, and voice, making the experience more natural. With this, SynergyXR’s interactions and photorealistic visuals can redefine the user experience in Spatial Computing and Fully Immersive Technology.

By bringing SynergyXR to Vision Pro, the firm can distribute immersive 3D spaces across the Vision Pro user base, with optimisation for the new XR device.

Wolff also explained how the firm wished to “integrate with Apple Vision Pro from day one” in a bid to elevate the platform’s user experience and “set new industry standards in terms of enhancing operations and fostering industrial innovation and collaboration.”


JigSpace for Vision Pro allows users to interact with 3D spatial objects, including detailed digital twins ready for complex construction and manufacturing workflows.

The service also allows users to collaborate over 3D digital twins with commenting and visualisation tools to help advance detailed projects remotely.

Thanks to the Vision Pro’s hand-tracking features, JigSpace, in turn, lets users interact with 3D objects as if they were real, getting closer and interacting with those objects with deep immersion.

Moreover, multiplayer features further enhance collaboration opportunities, allowing various Vision Pro/JigSpace users to work on the same 3D object simultaneously.


OmniPlan for Apple Vision Pro is a classic enterprise iOS service arriving on the Vision Pro, allowing device operators to leverage its fourth-generation service and, soon, its OmniFocus toolkit.

The service provides Apple Vision Pro users with rich project management tools alongside workplace-ready features like tracking costs, managing complex scheduling, collaborating, and interactive Gantt chart/Network Diagram immersive displays.

The firm is also working on a native version of its OmniFocus service as a native app for visionOS, leveraging some of the leading application developments found in the most recent iOS version for Vision Pro users.


Box app for Apple Vision Pro allows users to interact with 3D digital content with deep and tested security considerations, making the service perfect for enterprise clients dealing with sensitive 3D data.

“Apple Vision Pro is a massive step change in technology akin to iPhone and iPad,” noted Aaron Levie, the Co-Founder and CEO of Box, who also added:

This breakthrough technology introduces immersive experiences that fundamentally redefine the way we work by delivering visually stunning interactions without physical limitations. From developing the next new breakthrough product to reimagining customer experiences, the possibilities are endless. By bringing Box to Apple Vision Pro, we are just beginning to scratch the surface of what’s possible for the future of work.

Box app for Apple Vision Pro lets users intuitively interact with and manipulate 3D content using eye, hand, and voice commands.

The service places 3D content as visualisation alongside a user’s real-world space, allowing them to work and access the 3D models.

The firm notes that the service fits various enterprise needs, such as those from construction firms, retailers, manufacturers, entertainment groups, education institutions, and research companies, which can all leverage the Box project due to each sector’s use of 3D content like CADs and digital twins.

Da Vinci Eye

Da Vinci Eye is now available on Vision Pro, following a strong presence on iOS devices.

Apple provided deep assistance to the Da Vinci Eye development team, inviting them to spend time at Apple’s NYC and Cupertino and get hands-on experience with hardware at Apple’s NYC studio.

The application provides an AR art project that helps users draw graphic designs by presenting image outlines in a user spatial display.

Da Vinci Eye for Vision Pro can help users illustrate on any surface, leading to iOS software versions used in use cases from mural-making to cake-making.


CamPlan is a 3D content placement tool for Vision Pro which targets home renovation and design.

The tool combines spatial computing and generative to create 2D and 3D floor plans based on a user’s real-world space.

The service uses genAI virtual assistant tools to assist with home maintenance by suggesting expert advice via a chat interface.

CamPlan allows users to export their spatial floor plan images or 3D file formats such as USDZ and USD.

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