Six Leading Vision Pro Spatial Apps for Enterprise

The Apple Vision Pro launched with 600 applications, XR Today looks at the top workplace options

Six Leading Vision Pro Spatial Apps for Enterprise
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Published: February 5, 2024


Rory Greener

The Apple Vision Pro finally debuted for US customers last week. Social media and tech enthusiasts are already sharing their experiences with the device, capturing imaginations worldwide despite a limited regional release.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently noted that the Apple Vision Pro “is the most advanced consumer electronics device ever created,” US customers can grab a 256GB model for $3,499.

The product has roughly 600 applications; even more are available thanks to cross-platform compatibility with iOS applications.

However, Vision Pro aims to match multiple use cases outside enterprise and productivity. But, there are many workplace options available for customers today. Here’s six.

Zoom on Apple Vision Pro

Zoom on Apple Vision Pro aims to keep teammates and workers connected no matter when and where they work or how they communicate and collaborate.

Smita Hashim, Chief Product Officer at Zoom, notes how the service leverages Apple’s Persona system to create a digital twin of a user with fully animated digital avatars with hand and face movements.

Zoom on Apple Vision Pro provides a collaborative and immersive experience for remote teams, making it feel like everyone is in the same room. These immersive spaces are easy to set up and don’t require any physical equipment. Additionally, users can adjust the size of these spaces to fit their specific business needs.

Zoom plans to support the service from now on and is projecting a lot of faith in the new headset. In Spring 2024, Zoom plans to bring new features to the service, including 3D object sharing that allows workers to collaborate over RT3D models, a Team Chat feature that will enable workers to communicate easily with text-based messages and real-world pinning.

In December 2023, Zoom introduced a new video conferencing service for Apple TVs. Notably, the Vision Pro model will be able to stream content from Apple TV, which could pave the way for future collaborations between Apple TV and Zoom, leading to the development of a joint version of the two services and hardware portfolio.

Microsoft 365 and CoPilot for Vision Pro

Microsoft is launching immersive Office 365 and Co-Pilot software solutions for Apple’s XR marketplace debut. The first wave of Vision Pro adopters can start using Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and Loop on the spatial computing device with integrated Co-Pilot features.

Vision Pro enables users to create bespoke presentation slides using Microsoft PowerPoint and also allows them to practice presentations virtually, simulating the feeling of presenting to a crowd. With integrated Excel features, users can create new documents and custom Vision Pro files that make 3D representations of Excel-based data.

The Vision Pro version of Teams allows device operators to meet, chat, call, collaborate, and engage with business processes within a spatial computing environment. Teams for Vision Pro also leverages the device’s unique Personas feature that creates an avatar of an operator based on facial tracking technology.

CoPilot for Vision Pro assists users in drafting, editing, summarizing, and creating 365 content. For instance, it enables users to create PowerPoint presentations based on simple prompts or natural language commands.

TeamViewer Real-Time Assistance for Vision Pro

TeamViewer, a leader in providing leading digital productivity and frontline worker tools, is also debuting a spatial computing tool on Apple’s new device. The move brings TeamViewer’s Spatial Support service to the device, bringing features for workers to leverage 3D visualizations and real-time remote assistance.

Brian Ballard, Senior Vice President of Product Management & Solution Delivery at TeamViewer, added:

Remote support and assistance is part of TeamViewer’s DNA, and with Apple Vision Pro we are bringing a new level of fidelity, visual depth, and detail to our customers that just was not possible before. These unique immersive capabilities go far beyond desktop support and help customers who deal with real-world, complex objects convey critical information to those that can help them service machines, and systems out in the field. This results in a faster response time and fewer errors.

Moreover, Ballard noted that the Vision Pro version of TeamViewer’s service “addresses labour shortages and the need for easy knowledge transfer by bridging the gap between on-site challenges and remote expertise.”

Notably, the service already leverages the iPhone hardware and ARKit that comes with it, such as the LiDAR Scanner, therefore readying the service for the Vision Pro and its users.

Scope AR for Vision Pro

Scope AR, an enterprise AR solutions provider, is debuting its WorkLink immersive productivity solution on the Apple Vision Pro, giving workers the tools to redefine training and manufacturing procedures.

The service provides spatial instructions ready for on-site employees via the Vision Pro or other traditional mobile computing devices – with notable usage in aerospace, defence, aviation, medical device, and advanced manufacturing industries across end-users such as Northrop Grumman, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, and Danaher.

Scott Montgomerie, the Co-Founder and CEO of Scope AR, added:

With the launch of Apple Vision Pro, we see an opportunity for enterprise-level productivity and learning acceleration for users everywhere. We knew we wanted to be ready for the launch of Apple Vision Pro. I’m excited to see the new use cases that will inspire customers.

Wildix for Vision Pro

Wildix, a unified communications (UC) solutions provider, is bringing its expertise in digital workplace solutions to Apple’s XR headset, distributing spatial tools for accessing meeting, text chat, and phone call features within the Vison Pro spatial computing OS.

Wildix’s immersive UC service also allows Vision Pro users to access the company’s unique features in fully developed virtual meeting rooms, which are accessible to users globally who want to connect and collaborate.

Wildix’s Product Marketing Manager, Elena Kornilova, said, “Imagine being able to walk virtually into a room where you see everybody within it.” With this new immersive approach, Wildix aims to evolve the ability of UC solutions to create a more compelling hybrid working solution.

The Wildex immersive product will be distributed through their in-house “Collaboration” platform and their latest “x-bees” sales platform.

STYLY for Vision Pro

STYLY is a cloud-based platform that provides AR/VR/MR content creators a space to exhibit their work and collaborate. Following years of operation, the service is debuting for Vision Pro users.

The application is sold as a “Spatial Layer Platform”, which, according to its operating firm, sees more than “100,000” international creators leverage the service for various use cases, including fashion, music, film and marketing.

STYLY gives XR creators the tools to place and layer multiple XR assets in the exact real-world location, allowing creators and visitors to switch between these layers to experience the site through immersive filters.

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