GE, MediView Team Up For XR Medical Imaging

Demond Cureton
Senior Journalist

The healthcare giants have launched a major partnership for medical professionals and their patients

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GE, MediView Team Up For XR Medical Imaging

GE Healthcare and MediView XR announced on Monday a major partnership for integrating advanced mixed reality (MR) medical imaging. It will also leverage MediView’s OmnifyXR Interventional Suite System, which combines augmented reality (AR) and MR-based remote collaboration for professionals.

The solution comes as medical professionals augment their workflows and immersive solutions for patients. OmnifyXR will provide AR displays of X-ray images for Microsoft HoloLens 2 headsets.

Multiple holographic displays allow medical practitioners to view live images with optimal ergonomics. The solution also offers 3D volume for improved assessments and decision-making for patients.

Remote collaboration tools also provide clinicians with training, proctoring, and facilitating remote collaboration for patient care.

Comments on Novel Medical Imaging Solution

Mina Fahin, President and Chief Executive of MediView, said she was “thrilled” to advance the strategic collaboration with GE Health. The new system would be “designed to improve ergonomics, with natural interactions for optimized workflow.”

She added OmnifyXR would also back care team collaboration to empower physicians to “interface with virtual monitors, holographic 3D anatomy, and remotely collaborate with colleagues around the world.”

Concluding, she stated,

“Utilizing GE Healthcare’s exceptional imaging and MediView’s expertise in real-time augmented reality visualization and navigation, we’re proud to together launch one of the largest deployments of augmented reality in healthcare to-date and grow clinical adoption of innovative extended reality solutions”

Additionally, the joint effort will leverage MediViews skill sets in advanced 3D AR medical imaging, surgical navigation, telecollaboration, and “procedural data insights.”

Such expertise would complement GE Healthcare’s interventional imaging technologies, massive digital infrastructure, data, analytics, and others.

Arnaud Marie, General Manager for Global Interventional for GE Healthcare, added AR imaging was “key” to improving anatomy visualisation and boosting the user experience.

He continued,

“Our collaboration with MediView demonstrates our commitment to advancing the delivery of precision care by expanding the capabilities of our own imaging guided systems through an open architecture and the integration of promising and complementary technologies, like OmnifyXR Interventional Suite, into clinical workflow”

Both firms will launch its XR solution in the United States and later, in global markets in due course.

Advanced Healthcare, Advanced Tools

The news comes after MediView XR earned nearly $9.9 million in Series A funding in early March to scale up its OmnifyXR remote collaboration, spatial computing, and advanced medical imaging solution.

At the time, MediView offered three core solutions for surgeons faced with complex medical procedures.

The company’s XR30, XR50, and XR90 solutions provide numerous levels of imaging for surgical procedures. XR30 provides ultrasound imagery for AR and MR headsets with remote collaboration with partnered doctors and institutions.

Conversely, MediView’s XR50 offers assistive surgical tools for needle-based procedures. Its XR90’s AR Surgical Navigation System (ARSNS) also improves visualisation for invasive surgeries while recording metrics to evaluate surgical performances.



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