MediView XR Raises $9.9m for TeleHealth Solution

The Microsoft partner looks ahead to raise fund leading into 2023

MediView XR Raises $9.9M for Healthcare Remote Guidance Solution
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Published: March 14, 2022


Rory Greener

Last week, MediView XR secured roughly $9.9 million in a round of funding, enabling the Cleavland-based- firm to enhance remote connectivity and spatial computing for its immersive surgical navigation platforms.

Inside View Investments led the Series A funding round in a simple agreement for future equity (SAFE) financing proposal. MediView XR is searching for further investments and is leaving its Series A funding round open until early 2023.

MediView XR President and CEO, Mina Fahim, added,

“This incredible team will be able to accelerate our technology development, while ramping up several exciting imaging and therapy integration opportunities. These innovative solutions will extend MediView’s leadership in the rapidly growing and evolving extended reality (XR) healthcare space.”

GE Healthcare in Illinois and Cleveland Clinics employ MediView XR solutions to assist with the firm’s clinical and technical research.

MediView is attending this week’s LSI Emerging MedTech Summit in Dana Point, California, to show off its immersive telehealth solutions.

Augmented Reality Surgical Solutions

MediView XR uses AR/MR technology to display holographic visualisations of a patient’s anatomy that enables surgeons to plan a procedure accurately.

Additionally, the platform promotes remote communication between national or international surgeons to assist during complex medical scenarios. The MediView XR platform enables areas with limited healthcare capabilities to enhance patient care by promoting remote guidance.

Also, the Cleveland-based firm works closely with Microsoft to utilise the powerful Hololens 2 mixed reality (MR) headset to enable remote collaboration and evidence-based insights.

Currently, MediView XR offers three core products to assist surgeons with complex procedures.

XR30 is an AR-ready tool for doctors and caregivers that shows ultrasound imagery in the display of an AR/MR headset – allowing for non-invasive procedures. Also, the XR30 solution supports collaboration between on-site and remote caregivers or doctors.

Using the Hololens 2 MR headset and XR30 solution, MediView XR developed XR50 as an assistive tool that guides surgeons through needle-based procedures. The solution uses AR/MR visuals to display guidance and directions for needle-based surgical procedures.

Finally, XR90 Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation System (ARSNS) by MediView XR creates immersive visualisations of internal anatomy, including organs, bones, and soft tissue. The platform also records crucial performance metrics that assist surgical professionals in reviewing skills for future procedures.

In other news, GigXR, a global provider of XR healthcare training solutions, is working closely with Cambridge University Health Partners and the National Health Service (NHS).

Together, the firms are creating holographic healthcare simulations that provide medical students, nurses, and doctors with a virtual space to hone their skills in clinical medicine.

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