Delta Reality Joins VR/AR Association

The Croatian mixed reality studio for enterprises has joined the esteemed XR leadership group

Delta Reality Joins VRAR Association
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Published: May 16, 2022


Rory Greener

Croatian mixed reality (MR) studio Delta Reality announced in a LinkedIn post last Tuesday that it would join the Virtual and Augmented Reality Association (VRARA) as a member of its board of global stakeholders.

Delta Reality is creating extended reality (XR) immersive experiences for global brands to accelerate virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR) adoption and assist firms in developing modern marketing strategies.


The Croatian firm offers customers a rich XR asset library worth thousands to improve audience engagement and currently works with global XR-backed firms and brands such as Disney, Microsoft, Samsung, T-Mobile and many more.

Additionally, Delta Reality has designed its robust XR ecosystem as hardware agonistic, providing strategic partners with heightened distribution abilities and flexibility for their XR projects.

Supported devices from firms include Meta’s Quest series, HTC VIVE, Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap, Nreal, and Pico Interactive. Furthermore, Delta Reality supports a selection of software development kits and real-time 3D engines such as Unity, Snap Studio, and ARCore.

Delta Reality listed its Museum of Digital Life (MoDaL) as a piece of NFT real estate worth roughly 8.88 ETH (approximately £14809) in September last year.

Delta Reality designed the MoDal NFT as a Metaverse gallery to explore the intersection of art, technology, engineering, and mathematics in digital environments supporting 2D and 3D art exhibitions.

The VRARA and Global Metaverse Markets

The news comes after the VRARA held its Metaverse 2.0 event this March, hosted by its Immerse Global Summit division. At the event, XR thought leaders explored Metaverse laws and best practices, as well as keynotes to explore cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs, and virtual real estate with attendees.

The VRARA also hosts events throughout the year, including its Global European Summit, VRARA Education Forum, and Immerse Global Summit events.

The VRARA’s board includes global industry figures representing advertising, retailers, brands, and XR component vendors. The association also hosts several yearly events to promote XR technology and adoption, including speakers from immersive firms such as Lenovo, Meta Platforms, HP, and Vuzix.

The news comes amid a spike in Metaverse real-estate transactions, which broke records in October last year after investors bought virtual plots of land on Decentraland and Axie Infinity for $2.43 million and $2.3 million, respectively.



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