Metaverse Real-Estate Records Broken, Totalling $5 Million in One Week

Two historic transactions in a week, one has broken previous VR real-estate records by more than double

Decentraland Virtual Environment Sold for $2.43 million
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Published: November 26, 2021


Rory Greener

This week, two historic digital real-estate transactions took place on the Metaverse platforms Decentraland and Axie, together the deals total approximately $5 million USD.

Both platforms are open-source virtual reality (VR) Metaverses that promote a digital free market economy by incorporating cryptocurrencies.

This morning, investors bought a plot of virtual land on Axie Infinity for 550 Ether – the platform’s supported cryptocurrency. Therefore, making the deal worth roughly $2.3 million.

Earlier this week on Decentraland,  the Metaverse Group purchased a virtual plot of land for 618,000 mana, approximately $2.43 million.

The ground-breaking deal took place on Tuesday and the Metaverse Group purchased 116 parcel estate (roughly to 6,090 square feet of real-world land) using the platforms built-in cryptocurrency.

This broke prior Metaverse real-estate records held by investors worth $900,000, again on Decentraland.

Andrew Kiguel, CEO,, added:

These assets will complement the existing portfolio of Metaverse real estate already held at Metaverse Group. We are excited to have our subsidiary successfully close this landmark digital real estate transaction the parent company of the Metaverse Group, the firm is investing in Metaverse eCommerce opportunities such as decentralized finance (DeFi), Non-Fundable tokens (NFT), and digital real estate.

What’s Next for Group will be using the digital real estate to hold virtual events and showcase emerging digital fashion trends.

The firm plans to use Decentraland’s eCommerce-based Metaverse to enable digital transactions, reach new audiences, and engage with customers within it’s new plot of land.

Sam Hamilton, Head of Content at the Decentraland Foundation explained:

Fashion is the next massive area for growth in the metaverse, so it’s timely and very exciting, that Metaverse Group has made such a decisive commitment with this land purchase in the heart of Decentraland’s fashion precinct

News comes after, major fashion label Nike expanded into the Metaverse to increase brand awareness and improve customer engagement with exciting, interactable advertising.

In addition, Croatian extended reality (XR) developers Delta Reality listed the Museum of Digital Life (MoDaL), a digital virtual gallery Metaverse sold as an NFT.

Delta Reality set the starting price for MoDaL at 8.88 ETH (roughly 31,591.22 USD) and it is available for any individual or firm wanting to use the space for its various potential use cases.

Additionally, mixed reality (MR) collaboration platform Spatial opened online bidding for “The Meeting Room” an enterprise-grade VR collaboration space sold for 25 Ether – roughly $100,000 USD.


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