Taqtile Adds AR Manifest Support for Apple iPads

Apple has received support from a top augmented reality firm dedicated to assisting remote and deskless workers

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Published: December 9, 2021

Demond Cureton

US mixed reality firm Taqtile has boosted support for its Manifest platform for use on the Apple iPad, the company announced on Thursday.

The move to back Apple’s top-selling tablets will allow frontline workers and businesses to use Manifest across additional devices, the company explained in a statement.

Manifest’s upgraded spatial computing tools, enhanced content access and security, as well as workflow advancements have allowed the iPad to offer lower-cost solutions for workers conducting maintenance and repairs, onboarding training, and further education for frontline workers.

Apple iPads also allow frontline and deskless staff access to AR tools for streamlining workflow processes, where workers can view data and visuals on its large screen.

Employees can use the platform to create content, share and view data, connect with remote experts, complete assignments and training, and access materials submitted by customers.

Users can download Manifest for iPad on the Apple App Store

Manifest Features on the iPad

According to Taqtile, upgraded features for the Manifest platform on the iPad include:

Patented Intuitive Authoring: Allows authoring at the original place of operations, whether in-field or on the plant floor. Users can capture videos and photos and add to procedures, anchor markers spatially, and build digital-ink overlays.

Training: Learners and new hires can complete training with simple, accurate, intuitive workflows for efficient skill building.

Enhanced Collaboration: Allows workers to communicate with others via video chat, share headets footage, and receive remote guidance from experts complete with digital overlays.

Secure Location Mode: Companies can restrict access to content features as well as force users to offline mode to block access in sensitive wireless zones.

Review Mode: Users can review completed assignments and access notes from operators.

Fault Flags: Workers can flag, review, and resolve faults across procedures.

Milestones ‘Manifest’ for Taqtile

Dirck Schou, Chief Executive of Taqtile, said his company had designed the Manifest platform to be “extremely flexible” and support “the widest variety of devices” for enterprise customers.

He contined, stating,

“The combination of Manifest and the iPad is a high-value option, leveraging a device that many enterprises are already providing to frontline workers”

Taqtile’s support for iPads comes just over a month after it expanded its solution to RealWear and Magic Leap headsets, which comes after its integration on Microsoft HoloLens 2 mixed reality (MR) kit.

The Seattle, Washington-based firm’s solution also joined Nokia’s MX Industrial Edge ecosystem, opening the platform to Nokia’s massive customer base and suite of applications, assets, and data.

The news comes just days after Taqtile released a case study on the effectiveness of using AR to train young learners with reduced manufacturing skill capacity, as well as retain, guide and further educate workers as they performed difficult tasks using the firm’s workflow streamlining solution.

According to the study, engineering interns from manufacturing firm PBC Linear used the platform to build 106 templates to document complex procedures using AR content, which provided sequential work instructions supported with photos, video, and 3D visuals on Magic Leap headsets.


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