Taqtile Boosts Support for Magic Leap, RealWear Headsets

The AR solutions provider has expanded a host of features for two major mixed reality (MR) headset providers

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Published: November 2, 2021

Demond Cureton

Taqtile, a US augmented reality (AR) firm, announced on Tuesday it had boosted support for Magic Leap and RealWear headsets on its Manifest platform to further back support for mixed reality (MR) device manufacturers and assist frontline workers with essential solutions to complete their work.

Expanding support for head-mounted displays such as Microsoft’s HoloLens 2, wearables, mobile devices, tablets, and others would allow flexible operations and greater choice of devices for deskless workers.

Dirck Schou, CEO of Taqtile, said it was essential to deliver the Manifest platform across multiple devices due to the “growing number of excellent headsets, each with unique attributes,” adding,

“We’ve made the strategic decision to optimize Manifest for a wide variety of hardware, empowering our customers to deploy the best solution for their businesses and their frontline teams”

Taqtile and Magic Leap

Magic Leap’s MR headsets, which have received Manifest updates at the headset maker’s app store, feature three core processors which support Manifest’s massive 3D visualizations and collaborative communication tools for remote experts and workers.

The device also allows teams to share holograms in Manifest Connect sessions as well as video chat for added guidance along with AR content.

Magic Leap’s headsets also support hologram embedding in video and photo notes to supply operators further access to instructions and guidance.

The Seattle, Washington-based firm will also include gesture support for Manifest on Magic Leap headsets to produce hands-free experiences for users.

Taqtile, RealWear Integration

Conversely, RealWear’s devices, which offer users rugged commercial solutions for use in difficult, challenging environments, would receive Manifest’s work-instruction platform for frontline workers to access AR-powered content and guildence in nearly all environments.

The Manifest platform would allow RealWear users to receive remote assistance tools to chat with workers, colleagues, and remote experts from all locations with internet connections.

It will also facilitate AR instructions, accessed with QR codes, to locate information and details about equipment and relevant maintenance, troubleshooting, and other procedures.

The news comes just days after Taqtile revealed last week it joined Nokia’s MX Industrial Edge ecosystem to receive access to the Finnish telecoms giant’s customer base. The partnership would allow users access to a massive trove of multimedia assets, internet of things (IoT) data, and other assets.



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