Porsche Lets Buyers Look Under the Hood with AR

Rory Greener
Rory Greener

Porsche is Bringing Showrooms to Your Driveway

Porsche Lets Buyers Look Under the Hood with AR

Porsche’s Application in Practise

German luxury automaker Porsche is using a new augmented reality (AR) application to allow buyers to go under the hood of the new lineup of Taycan electric sports cars and other models.

The application is being developed alongside German XR leaders NSYNK, who have previously worked with Porsche on AR experiences and lended their expertise to other auto firms such as Volkswagen. 

Buyers can pick their desired Porsche model, customise it in real-time, place their personalised AR Porsche on their driveways, and even drive the car forwards and backwards.

Using the X-ray function, buyers can literally look under the hood to explore technical and hidden features as well as receive precise information on the engine, bodyworks, and other internal features. 

Adding to the buyer’s journey is key in producing fantastic AR campaigns, and Porsche look to engage users with their massive list of fun and informative features.

In real life showrooms, the app can provide a cost-effective way for Porsche to display new models, keeping them up to date without showrooms having to acquire real, newer models.

The application is currently only available for Apple iPhone 12 Pro, possibly due to Apple’s fantastic Lidar scanner, and there is no plan to implement the application on other devices. 

Manager Event Communication at Porsche, Miro Demel explains:

“It has to scan and track the car correctly, and also to recognise the environment the car is situated in. So, there are certain conditions you need to have where the AR works best”

Porsche’s app is currently on its 1.5.0 release version, with updates including improved download times and a Rest of World (ROW) version. The latest version can be downloaded from the Apple store.

Developments in the Automotive AR Industry

The news comes as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced car showrooms to shut their doors globally, leaving auto firms to figure out a way to reach their customer base. 

XRToday reported in late May on a WebAR solution from German car manufactures BMW—a fun and engaging experience to educate buyers about BMW’s Plug-In Hybrid lineup.

Porsche’s and BMW’s AR projects bring brilliant engagement to the buyer’s journey.

David Ripert of Poplar Studios also discussed in a recent XR Today interview how AR campaigns draw better consumer engagement metrics over conventional routes of advertising.

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