BMW’s WebAR Application Puts a Car in Your Driveway

Rory Greener

BMW Looks to Engage Potential UK Customers with WebAR

BMW’s WebAR Application Puts a Car in Your Driveway

Many companies had to shut their doors during the pandemic and for the first time in BMW’s history, they closed their showrooms.

BMW, being the forward-thinking company they are, previously creating AI led virtual versions of their factories. Following this thinking BMW wanted to innovate and engage customers looking to purchase the BMW range of Plug-in Hybrids (PHEVs).

Using the proven and powerful WebAR engine developed by 8th Wall, BMW presents their first augmented reality solution for customers in the United Kingdom. The BMW Virtual Viewer.

Also teaming with 8th Wall and BMW is London based marketing firm; FCB Inferno. Who are bringing innovative and engaging marketing campaigns to companies worldwide, looking to create an “enduring legacy for brands.” Working with Levis, the Premier League and the UK Home office for more charitable campaigns. FCB’s campaigns have led to great success with clients; being the second most awarded agency in Europe at Cannes 2019 (eighth globally).

Anitloop Studios are also working in this campaign , “a creative-tech studio that combines the physical and digital worlds”. Focused on creating engaging and immersive digital campaigns that users can interact with. With success in creating AR escape rooms across 4 countries, such as their E-Tron Room. Where they teamed up with automotive giant Audi to promote their first electric car.

Using the Application:

By using a smartphone internet browser, users can place a full-scale BMW PHEV X5, X1 or 3 anywhere on their driveway. Allowing potential buyers to customise their chosen BMW PHEV, pick a colour, alloys or tweak the interior. Users can even interact with the virtual BMW opening the doors, switching the lights on or even playing the radio.

The WebAR software also has voice recognition software built in. Users can talk to and engage with a chatbot, acting as something of a BMW sales assistance expert. This gives the potential buyer a hands-free voice guided experience; offering a whole new level of engagement.

There is a lot of fun to be had with this app, whether its interacting with the AR BMW or if it’s through the playful quizzes; engagement is at the heart of the campaign. Longevity too, BMW look to extend this application’s use into the future, updating it with new BMW models as they are released.

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