Auki Labs Exec Discusses AR Privacy at IGS 2022

Rory Greener

A company exec joined The VRARA event to discuss AR privacy measures and its new Conjurer SDK

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Auki Labs Exec Discusses AR Privacy at IGS 2022

Augmented Reality (AR) privacy will be a big issue very soon, Johannes Davidsson, the Head of Business Development at Auki Labs, said on Thursday at the Immerse Global Summit (IGS) 2022 in Madeira, Portugal.

Davidsson took centre stage at Summit to explore how Auki Labs approaches emerging security concerns led by immersive hardware like smart glasses and virtual reality (VR) headsets.

The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Association (VRARA) is hosting IGS 2022 between September 28 to 30 in Savoy Palace At Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal.

Auki Labs is an immersive technology firm designing a collaborative spatial computing platform that creates highly-accurate peer-to-peer positioning frameworks to support shared AR experiences for smartphones, VR headsets, and smart glasses.

The firm uses hardware like the iPhone’s powerful SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) technology to accurately and securely track a device’s positioning without impeding user privacy.

Auki Labs are experts in shared AR experiences, although the firm recognises emerging security concerns stemming from always-on tracking cameras.

Transforming Security to Emerging Immersive Technology

At the event, Davidsson explained that soon people would have cameras on their faces at all times, adding,

“I have spoken to a lot of women who just don’t like the fact they will be filmed all the time”

Following this comment, Davidsson explained that emerging eye-tracking technology on upcoming VR headsets could even track pupil dilation to monitor a user’s focus.

Auki Labs is dedicating serious consideration to AR and VR privacy. Davidsson maintains that Auki Labs will never operate in what Davidsson calls surveillance capitalism.

Auki Labs is developing a new immersive security solution to improve the future of XR privacy. The firm’s latest solution is a decentralised network for broadcasting messages.

Users can set up a private server on their home computer or router, enabling an individual to be part of a decentralised network where Auki Labs processes positioning calculations securely on a private network.

What is ConjureKit?

Davidsson also used his stage time to introduce Auki Labs’ ConjureKit, an AR software development kit (SDK), this Friday, enabling immersive content creators to design shared experiences on Unity.

In an accompanying video showcase, Nils Pihl, the CEO & Founder of Auki Labs, introduced ConjureKit in a tech demo. During the featured showcase, Pihl used a sister toolkit from Matterless called Floor Craft, enabling users to spawn interactable AR assets.

Any application built using ConjureKit allows end users to invite others into their experience via a QR code. Once another user joins, the host can place new AR assets within each other’s environment to enjoy immersive online experiences.

Auki Labs calls its connective user tools “Instant Calibration.” Starting this Friday, interested individuals can download the ConjureKit SDK for Unity to build shared AR experiences.

The CEO notes that while his firm showcased an AR gaming experience, immersive content creators can useConjureKit for anything, hinting at marketing and enterprise use cases.

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