VRARA Leaders Kick Off Immerse Global Summit 2022 Europe

Key Summit organisers launched the event with key topics, networking opportunities, and announcements

VRARA Leaders Introduce a packed Immerse Global Summit Europe
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Published: September 28, 2022


Rory Greener

Wednesday is the first day of Immerse Global Summit (IGS) Europe, an event held by the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Association (VRARA), that brings together various individuals and groups from the extended reality (XR) industry. The event hosts opportunities for attendees to gain valuable insight into real-world, enterprise-grade immersive technology use cases.

The event is taking place from September 28 to 30 in Savoy Palace At Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal, marking the VRARA’s return to in-person events in the EU, and is also running an online portal where at-home viewers can participate.

IGS Europe hosts over 100 companies and speakers across a schedule packed with keynotes, developer workshops, exhibitions, and networking opportunities.

XR Growth and Professional Success

Nathan Pettyjohn, the President of the VRARA and Immerse Global Summit, took the main stage to introduce this week’s event. He explained how the Summit contained a massive gathering of XR and Metaverse thought leaders.

To support the large influx of expert individuals, the VRARA and IGS launched the Immersive Growth Network (IGN) earlier in the year. Pettyjohn said The VRARA founded the IGN due to its “mission to help more people.”

The newly-founded group provides options to assist “over 100 million people” in achieving professional success via XR education at events like IGS 2022 Europe.

60,000 Professionals across 4000 Companies

Ann Marie Enns, the Executive Producer of IGS and Kris Kolo, the Global Executive Director of the VRARA, also joined Pettyjohn on the stage to help introduce the massive event.

Speaking on VRARA memberships, Kolo explained that its most successful members participated actively in VRARA-hosted opportunities, by listening and learning during online webinars, attending in-person meet-ups, or by joining industry events like European Summit.

Kolo said a VRARA membership, consisting of a user base of roughly 60,000 professionals and 4,000 companies, was like a gym membership and that the most active users would see the best results.

Currently, the group provides crucial online and in-person opportunities to help members leverage enterprise-ready XR solutions, covering education to healthcare use cases.

What’s on at IGS EU?

Enns followed Kolo by introducing parts of the Summit’s itinerary. The VRARA will host three days of content, including a featured blockchain-focused session on Thursday morning.

Additionally, Enns explained how in-person and at-home attendees could use the Hopin application to access the Summit’s webinars, live streams, session archives, and event updates.

She also highlighted how the IGS 2022 Europe had rich networking events at the Savoy Palace garden, including a cocktail reception, VIP lunch, and regular member lunch.

On the 29 and 30, the Summit will host its sessions on the main and theatre stages. The latter will contain an afternoon of immersive content designed to enhance museums, culture, and art.

She continued, stating a “special performance” would end day two of the event, exclusive for in-person attendees, with a following sky lounge party.

Pettyjohn concluded the session by explaining how the VRARA designed IGS EU to encourage ‘cross-pollination’ across different industries with details on how business clients could interact with the developers via consumer-facing XR experiences.



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