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The winners of the XR Awards 2024 have now been revealed!

XR Awards is a global awards event celebrating XR and Collaboration technology innovation and industry success. Returning for its third year, the XR Awards 2024 featured a diverse range of categories for vendors to enter, with applications at an all-time high. This year’s winners include industry leaders such as Qualcomm, Pfizer, TeamViewer and HTC Vive.

The XR Awards is an annual, fully digital event, which eliminates the typical costs of participation. With only a small application fee, there are no expenses for tables, travel, or accommodation. We celebrate the best in XR innovation virtually.

View the winners in full here. You can also join in and celebrate innovation by congratulating them on our social media accounts – LinkedIn and X

XR Awards 2024 - Amelia Kallman

Amelia Kallman

XR Awards 2024 - Amy LaMeyer

Amy LaMeyer

XR Awards 2024 - Amy Peck

Amy Peck

XR Awards 2024 - Cam Stevens

Cam Stevens

XR Awards 2024 - Jay Latta

Jay Latta

XR Awards 2024 - Joshua Gregg

Joshua Gregg

XR Awards 2024 - Kevin O'Donovan

Kevin O’Donovan

XR Awards 2024 - Nathan Pettyjohn

Nathan Pettyjohn

XR Awards 2024 - Samantha Kingston

Samantha Kingston

XR Awards 2024 - Sophia Moshasha

Sophia Moshasha

XR Awards 2024 - Tom Ffiske

Tom Ffiske

XR Awards 2024 - Yanna Zhu

Yanna Zhu