What Is Bloktopia?

Here's how a virtual 21-story building is changing the Metaverse


Published: March 17, 2022

XR Today Team

Bloktopia is among the few immersive technology providers that have already come out with a Metaverse platform for the general public. While companies like Meta Platforms Inc. and Microsoft are still in the development stage, Bloktopia has seen increasing demand for its blockchain-based VR world and its cryptocurrency token BLOK.

The platform has a unique premise: it is envisioned as a skyscraper with 21 levels, recognizing that only 21 million Bitcoin can ever be mined, according to Satoshi Nakamoto’s original whitepaper.

The Metaverse will be a $872.35 billion market by 2028, figures from ReportsAndData have found, and such efforts have been led by early movers like Bloktopia, which is among the top metaverse platforms for 2022.

Understanding the Idea of the Metaverse

The Metaverse refers to a unified 3D environment that comprises multiple spaces and worlds, just like the real universe we inhabit. It relies heavily on immersive technologies like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) so that users can truly ‘interact’ with its digital components.

The environment is also decentralized in nature, which is an important characteristic of Bloktopia. In order to power this decentralization, Metaverse platforms use blockchain architecture, where a very large group of stakeholders have joint ownership of the environment.

Some of the key features of the Metaverse (as it exists) today include:

  • Virtual real estate sales using non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
  • Customizable 3D avatars of users, fueling self-expression and anonymity
  • Gameplay and game creation with a monetization component
  • A self-sustained economy built on a cryptocurrency token unique to the platform

In the future, the Metaverse will be a centralized and fully unified entity as there will be only one Metaverse subsuming all other digital worlds that co-exist and navigated by users in the same environment.

Bloktopia has been working on a Metaverse platform for several years and finally launched in 2022.

What Is Bloktopia?

Bloktopia is a Metaverse platform designed as a skyscraper with 21 levels, where users can purchase designated spaces from the floorplan through the platform’s cryptocurrency token, BLOK.

According to Satoshi Nakamoto, there is a hard cap on Bitcoin supplies of up to 21 million. An algorithm in its source code limits Bitcoin mining beyond that point, which makes it a scarce commodity and assigns it a real-world value. Similarly, Bloktopia has limited real estate and only 21 floors or levels, making it valuable for investors and users buying its currency.

Bloktopia is powered by the Polygon Network, a leading blockchain consortium, and offers a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform developers can use to build decentralized apps, or dApps. Bloktopia and all other Metaverse platforms available today are essentially dApps built on Ethereum via Polygon.

What Are the Key Features of Bloktopia?

While most of Bloktopia’s capabilities are still under development, it has already launched a few key features:

  • Reblok – Inside Bloktopia, Rebloks are the purchase of virtual real estate. These transactions allow anyone in the world to own a piece of Bloktopia’s world and hold property as a future investment.
  • Joint Owned Bloktopia Enterprise (JOBE) – JOBEs are similar to initial public offerings, where a few early investors can participate in a Reblok. The platform conducts multiple JOBEs every month, and currently, JOBE #37 and #38 have been available to users. One JOBE will comprise a specific number of lots on a floor and can be purchased for a predetermined number of cryptocurrency tokens. Users can also buy a fraction of one JOBE, just like regular crypto transactions.
  • Staking pools – A staking pool allows multiple blockchain shareholders to pool their resources and increase the chance of profitability from an asset. Bloktopia makes multiple staking pools available to users, which mature after 90, 180, or 360 days, and participants can share profits accrued during this period.
  • BLOK – BLOK is the foundational cryptocurrency token powering all operations on the Metaverse platform. As of February 14, one BLOK was equal to roughly $0.019935, making it one of the more affordable tokens on the market.
  • Land sale portal – The platform will soon launch a designated portal for VR land sales. One can browse through different levels of the platform, view floor plans, assess the pricing and profitability factor of different parcels, and make an investment. As in the real world, real estate becomes more expensive as one reaches the upper floors.
  • Blokpad – Blokpad is a launchpad for new Bloktopia users, called Bloktopians. There are two options available – VIP and Essential – and users can quickly navigate the environment from this gateway

What Can Users Do in Bloktopia?

To enter the Metaverse platform, users must create a digital wallet connected to their email or social media account. The wallet stores BLOKs a user earns or buys, along with information on digital assets like NFTs. It also acts as a passport when creating avatars, navigating levels, and playing games.

Inside the Bloktopia platform, users can:

  • Explore the skyscraper – All users can access level 1, which will house a help desk, a navigation area, and retail outlets.
  • Play games – While there are gaming experiences across Bloktopia, the top floor, Level 21, is a designated gaming space. Experiences will range from family-friendly games to monetization-ready poker and gambling.
  • Attend events – The platform has an auditorium for immersive and interactive presentations. Users can earn BLOKs as rewards for attending promoted events.
  • Develop their Reblok – Users can deploy their VR property using either the Bloktopia SDK or content from the Bloktopia marketplace.
  • Sell or lease property – People can sell or lease property to interested buyers for one-off events or on a long-term basis. Shared property is sold or leased using a blockchain-based voting and decision-making system.
  • Display ads – Users and companies can purchase virtual ad space on Bloktopia, called ADBLOK.

Some of Bloktopia’s features are available for use primarily for investment purposes, and gaming and end-user experiences are yet to be launched.

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