Wonderland Engine to Enhance WebXR Enterprise Solutions

Wonderland Engine 1.2.0 to Support Interoperable development of workplace and consumer services

Wonderland Engine to Enhance WebXR Enterprise Solutions
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Published: May 17, 2024


Rory Greener

This week, Wonderland Engine—a service for powering hardware agnostic web XR solutions—is entering version 1.2.0, a fresh update that improves development cycles for AR/VR/MR experiences across various end devices.  

The Wonderland Engine powers various notable XR experiences, such as the award-winning game The Escape Artist by Paradowski Creative. On the other hand, the web XR engine is focusing its recent efforts on including the emerging enterprise XR market with considerations to the industrial metaverse and more.

Jonathan Hale, the CEO & Founder of Wonderland, explained:

Building on the foundation that is Wonderland Engine’s incredible performance on the web, this release brings rendering fidelity to unlock a range of new use cases, from next-gen product configurators, over architectural visualization and industrial metaverse, to web games.

Increasingly, users can experience XR applications via a broad range of end devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. In the enterprise world, not everyone can access an XR device. Hence, an interoperable and accessible platform like web XR challenges allows a broader range of users to leverage the emerging technology. 

However, if a user does own a headset, webXR applications can be used across various devices. As vendors debut new devices year after year, this gives web XR solutions a longer lifespan, which is not restricted by headsets. 

Moreover, new players like LG and Samsung are entering the XR device marketplace. So, investing in webXR as a secure service delivery method across an increasingly large device choice is more critical than ever.  

More on Wonderland Engine 1.2.0

The Wonderland Engine 1.2.0 update introduces a trove of new features that are ready to boost the ability of tested and budding XR developers worldwide.

Wonderland Engine 1.2.0 includes new development features such as post-processing effects, HDR environment support, 1D/2D blending capabilities, and morph target animations.

The new Wonderland Engine 1.2.0 improves visual clarity and animation control, increasing immersion within a webXR service.

In addition, the Wonderland Engine will continue the platform’s ambitions to ensure developer scalability and extensibility by providing crucial data points and APIs to boost users’ experience regardless of the application’s intended audience.




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