VR Firm Moth+Flame Opens AI Generative Content Beta

The immersive training platform provider has opened a world-first VR content creation tool for the enterprise

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Published: January 20, 2023

Demond Cureton

Moth+Flame, a New York City-based provider of virtual reality (VR) immersive learning, launched an artificial intelligence (AI) generative content authoring tool for VR content this week.

Invesco trialled the solution in a first-ever enterprise demo of the product at its Sales Symposium last week to develop use cases for the VR application. The efforts aim to boost skills for salespeople by overcoming objections with virtually simulated conversations.

Moth+Flame’s AI Generative Tool

The beta phase of the platform will allow its users to develop bespoke VR content on the fly, using generative AI. The new solution aims to boost immersion and realism across creative content with voice-activated interfaces.

Using voice commands, students can speak directly with interactive content to engage with trainers, develop skill sets, and boost learner retention.

The new platform will provide Invesco with on-demand workforce training for its employees with secure and intuitive apps. The AI generative tool can also tackle large volumes of creative content to reduce resources and time while boosting productivity.

Using Moth+Flame’s expertise in VR and immersive training solutions, Invesco will also improve its own services to enhance customer experiences.

Kevin Cornish, Moth+Flame Chief Executive, said in a statement the biggest challenge in education was the “scale of content creation.” He added that traditional enterprise training was “limited to low-scoring e-learning products” due to scaling restrictions.

Cornish explained further: “With this tool, enterprises will be able to scale their content creation across all use cases in virtual reality, the most effective training modality available.”

The generative AI platform comes amid renewed interest in AI technologies such as ChatGTP, DALL-E and others reshaping the tech sector.

According to reports, programmes such as ChatGPT and other generative platforms can quickly build content for users. Companies have begun leveraging them to build immersive worlds, images and paintings, and full-text articles from aggregated data.

Authoring Innovation

The company’s AI generative tool operates across iOS and VR headsets. Its cutting-edge interface creates custom VR content with simple inputs, eliminating the need for developer tools and technical expertise.

It also includes a host of 3D asset libraries, multiuser support, and drag-and-drop editors to facilitate wider adoption of VR content generation tools, Moth+Flame said.

The news comes as such immersive platforms significantly expand VR adoption for enterprises seeking streamlined, efficient no-code authoring platforms.

This will allow for the rapid deployment of training modules capable of boosting workforces across disparate locations. The Metaverse, the next form of spatial communications, will receive long-term benefits by empowering content creators in speed-to-completion pipelines.

Currently, the firm has selected a cohort of beta testers for the platform to trial the product but aims to launch a stable version in the second quarter (Q2).

The news comes after the Brooklyn-based immersive firm released its first iOS training app for enterprises to deliver corporate training solutions. The platform’s interactive, cinematic platform allows learners to reach target goals with natural language processing (NLP).

Students and employees can practice multiple skill sets such as conference calling and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) training. The National Urban League partnered with the training firm to open its “Speak Up” programme, which hopes to boost learning performance metrics and confidence.



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