Virtway Redefines Virtual Events with Their 3D Platform

New possibilities for immersive events

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Virtway Redefines Virtual Events with Their 3D Platform
adam michaelson

Adam Michaelson

The future is often fashioned by the expectations set by popular culture. Consequently, we have smartwatches (The Jetsons), mobile communication devices (Star Trek), and video conferences (Back to the Future II).

The idea of what the future could look like drives developers and creatives to work together to forge those possibilities into reality. Now, beyond the inspiration of science fiction, we have entered the age of virtual events.

Over the past 12 months the phrase “virtual event” has come to mean anything happening in a remote location. Virtway has reimagined that definition as an experience designed to immerse users in a shared world fully customized for a brand or organization.

Virtway started by building learning development platforms for enterprises and games in 3D virtual environments as a full-service development shop during their first ten years of existence. Those 3D games and learning tools grew into building a platform that can accommodate thousands of people simultaneously within 3D environments.

The focus of Virtway has always been accessibility. How can people access this particular technology across a variety of existing devices, specifications and network capabilities? The end result is a platform that is accessible from any device and eliminates the necessity of new hardware or software purchases as a barrier of entry to interact with Virtway technology. Even seven-year-old laptops can use their platform with no issue at all.

“We’re the only ones we know of that of that are building 3D virtual environments for both enterprise and consumer-focused platforms such as PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, and Google Chromebook,” explains Virtway Head of Strategic Development, Adam Michaelson

Of course, with the global health crisis over the past year, there has been an uptick in awareness and demand for virtual events. Virtway’s interactive 3D platform not only creates customizable virtual venues but also facilitates the gamification of conferences, conventions, and forums for both enterprise and entertainment purposes.

For collaborative purposes other cloud or browser-based applications can be integrated for whiteboarding, multi-player games, or other cooperative activities. There is also a greater need to host live events with stellar virtual quality that can support millions of users watching the same performance at the same time.

Virtway has taken a lot of the same production components of those kinds of events and made them less cost prohibitive. Through the use of 3D holograms that can move and interact within the virtual world Virtway is bringing the visceral element of in-person concerts to clients and users worldwide.

Technology to Generate Human Connections

Virtway’s innovation is driven by addressing the need to recreate the energy generated during in-person events. There has always been a need, even before social distancing, to bring the right people together for productivity or to create the next big idea.

“The goal for us is to take our 3D platform and bring in delight points that make users realize that they are really in an environment with other actual people,” says Michaelson. “There are thousands of people in this environment with me that have similar interests, goals or work in the same line of business. Being able to talk with them in 3D spatial audio or participate in games with them, all in a customized branded space is very powerful,” he adds.

Virtway’s platform is uniquely built from the ground up, meaning it does not sit on top of Unity or Unreal. As a result, companies and brands can have their one-of-a-kind look and feel within their virtual venue. Everything from the scenery, to the avatars, and the avatars’ clothing can all be customized for an immersive collaboration experience.

When working with clients, we help them with the entire process from ideation to post-event needs so they can focus on creating the best experience possible.

The Right History for Future Success

Often times when organizations want to engage with virtual or spatial technology, they seldom come to the idea with a full understanding of how to best implement the tool. Virtway addresses this problem by providing more of a managed service approach.

With over ten years of experience, they have a deep knowledge of best practices that informs the optimal use of the platform for every client and use case. Even something as seemingly simple as asking attendees questions can be done more intuitively within a 3D environment when the right knowledge base is applied.

Since the goal is to not just have an immersive visual presentation, but an immersive all-around experience, there are specific strategies Virtway employs to keep users involved with that branded world. Aside from one-off events, an emerging trend is the use of virtual technology to create digital twins; a use case that uses these branded worlds to house workspaces.

This is mainly used for educational institutions and government agencies, however there will be greater enterprise adoption as offices begin to reopen. It serves as a solution to hybrid office settings while keeping employees engaged. Additionally, it facilitates high levels of collaboration without the financial and ecological cost of travel for site visits or symposiums.

Virtway is empowering organizations with the technology to close the gap between the real and virtual worlds so people and experiences can be connected in the best ways at all times.

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