Virbela CEO on Creating a ‘United Culture’ With Metaverse Collaboration

Alex Howland will discuss at the XR Summit in September how businesses can utilise Metaverse hubs

How EXP Holdings Leverages Virbela for Collaboration
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Published: August 23, 2022


Rory Greener

The Metaverse can create a “united culture among all folks” when it comes to workplace collaboration, according to Virbela CEO Alex Howland.

  • Alex Howland is speaking at the first-ever XR Summit on September 22nd, discussing how Metaverse platforms can improve enterprise-grade remote collaboration and communication

Howland explains how the Virbela ecosystem of products can enhance peer-to-peer communications in vertical markets such as defence and consultancy.

Alex explains how many firms have dispersed physical offices that Metaverse platforms can bring together, adding, “how do we bring people together and give them this sense of a united place to have co-presence?”

Working with eXp Realty

Virbela works with eXp Realty, a primarily residential real estate brokerage, to host virtual offices in Virbela. Alex explains, “EXP decided brick and mortar is [too] expensive.”

He added,

“When the Founder, Glenn Sanford, started eXp, he said we’re going to give ourselves a business restraint where we are not going to have any physical offices”

According to Alex, when eXp came to Virbela in 2016, the realty firm staffed around 1,000 agents throughout the US. He explains how there are now over “83,000 agents, all over the US and Canada.”

Additionally, the executive said that during the global COVID-19 pandemic, eXp expanded into 20 new countries.

Alex concluded how other US realty firms, such as Redfin and Compass, “burn a lot of money” due to investments into physical offices, adding eXp is cash-flow profitable thanks to its digital offices.

Alex Howland is speaking at the first-ever XR Summit on September 22nd on how Metaverse platforms, such as Virbela, can improve enterprise-grade remote collaboration and communication.



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