VictoryXR Review: K-12 Education Comes to Life in VR

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VictoryXR Review: K-12 Education Comes to Life in VR
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Published: November 22, 2021

XR Today Team

VictoryXR is a Davenport, Iowa-based company specialising in VR educational products. The company works with institutions such as Carolina Biological and Oxford University, helping to develop AR/VR educational content and streamline delivery channels.

In 2020, the company really came into its own, as demand for remote learning surged around the world.

Companies like VictoryXR could effectively address the challenges of low engagement, low retention, and drop-off that are typically associated with remote learning systems with a more immersive learning experience.

In 2020, the company announced that it would be launching a ‘VR in a Box’ classroom headset solution, as part of the  Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program (XEP).

It is also working with Big Cat Rescue (now of Netflix’s Tiger King fame), to create an immersive documentary experience for students across the US.

Another one of its premier projects is the ongoing partnership with Morehouse College, helping to build a VR digital twin campus for the institution.

Let us now explore what are the differentiators that VictoryXR has to offer.

What Are the Key Features of VictoryXR?

Last year, the company launched a consolidated platform for delivering AR/VR lessons – called VictoryXR Academy. This adds to VictoryXR’s already impressive list of capabilities:

A massive catalogue of content

VictoryXR offers a pre-built catalogue of AR/VR content, covering important curriculum topics and commonly discussed areas. This includes content on science and history, human anatomy, cellular biology, and more, covering both K-12 and specialised high ed levels.

Ready to use solutions

The company also operates ready to use solutions under its VictoryXR campus offering. The campus includes live classes, 200+ pre-recorded lessons in true spatial 3D, and 100+ field trips. There are also lessons for SAT prep, campus stores, design & engineering courses, and XR education.

Content crafted for children

VictoryXR has a dedicated line-up of content products for young children, designed to share useful information in a fun and engaging way. These courses explore different aspects of the natural world, including an exploration of the world at a microscopic level.

AR content support

VictoryXR offers both pre-built and custom-built AR education products, primarily in the form of AR card decks. Its existing content covers topics such as human anatomy, space, and prehistoric creatures, along with custom design help.

What Are the Benefits of Working with VictoryXR?

The biggest benefit of working with VictoryXR is its enormous library of pre-built educational content. It covers nearly every component of the K-12 curriculum you could imagine, with additional modules for popular areas of specialisation such as surgery and human anatomy.

It also helps that VictoryXR’s content is compatible with nearly every major headset out there, including Vive, Windows MR, Oculus, Pico, and even Google Cardboard.

How Much Will It Cost?

Different VictoryXR products are priced differently – for example, its Land of Dinosaurs AR book costs $24.95, while its AR solutions start at $14.99 and VR at $10 per month. You would have to request a quote, depending on your individual or organisational requirements.

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