The Wild Acquires Prospect by IrisVR

Rebekah Carter

A New Collaboration in VR Technology

The Wild Acquires Prospect by IrisVR

The Wild, a leading VR collaboration platform, recently announced its purchase of the Prospect by IrisVR solution. The Wild is a company well-known for its innovations in the collaborative world, offering new ways for teams to interact in a dispersed environment. With a strong focus on the AEC industry, The Wild has actively searched for new ways to redefine how teams collaborate.

This new purchase brings together major players who want to make immersive collaboration a reality. Like The Wild, IrisVR is a pioneer in technology for communication and collaboration. The company first launched in 2014 and became the first software on the market to support AEC professionals. Founded in 2017, The Wild innovated on the momentum created by IrisVR to produce a robust suite of VR tools for teams. The brand has also expanded into AR.

Creating the Future of Collaboration

The Prospect product from IrisVR is a powerful solution for design review and coordination. This offering aligns well with The Wild’s vision to enable more immersive teamwork moments for dispersed employees. Building on the foundation of the Prospect technology, The Wild will be bringing more dynamic prototyping, conversations, and interactivity into multiple platforms.

The acquisition will allow both products to increase in strength and value, particularly when it comes to serving the AEC industry. According to CEO and Co-Founder of IrisVR, Shane Scranton, the virtual reality market is entering a new chapter with more accessible, lightweight hardware, and a wider selection of customers.

Through the new partnership with the Wild, IrisVR believes its products will continue to assist teams in recognizing issues faster and making decisions at speed. IrisVR and The Wild also help to build towards a future of broader hardware support and deeper integrations for The Wild ecosystem.

The acquisition will allow The Wild to save a variety of strong customers in architecture, such as KPF, Perkins + Will, and Interior Architects. The Wild will also be responsible for various engineering, real estate, construction, and enterprise customers.

Bridging Gaps in Human Connection

Gabe Paez, the founder and CEO of The Wild, said that this acquisition represents a unique opportunity to enhance the workplace for AEC professionals. The company wants to redefine what’s possible in the world of teamwork and working together with IrisVR is a crucial step forward in this regard, empowering more teams to experience work together in a virtual environment.

Paez also acknowledged that the pandemic of 2020 has made a significant change to the way people work together. Distributed teams are everywhere, and it’s important for employees to still have efficient ways of sharing ideas. The Wild notes that it’s new acquisition will help the company to support a stronger level of human interaction that remains difficult to achieve in the post-pandemic world of tomorrow.

Going forward, The Wild plans to continue innovating, and strengthening its ability to disrupt the workflow of the AEC industry.

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