Spain’s ADIF Picks Virtualware for Railway VR Trainer

The Spanish railway authority hopes to use VR as the standard in workforce instruction

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Published: October 18, 2021

Demond Cureton

Virtual reality (VR) firm Virtualware has teamed up with Spanish railway operator Administrator for Railway Infrastructures (ADIF) to design and implement the network’s VR training simulators, it was revealed last week.

The ADIF is the public entity tasked with managing Spanish railway networks, and the new VR simulator aims to improve training for building and maintaining the infrastructure.

The body has invested roughly €1 million to develop the modules and hopes VR technologies will transform training for its workforces, the company said.

Learners will use the VIROO platform for the trainers in a 250 metres-squared immersive training room in Valencia, which ADIF will use as its advanced training facility to prepare its future workforces.

The new trainer aims to also reduce cost and risk to employees while boosting trainee performance and learner retention. ADIF employees can also collaborate other global VIROO hubs and interact in hybrid environments, both remotely and at on-site workrooms.

The news comes amid a massive wave of VR training programmes launched in recent months, with US banking firm Bank of America becoming the first financial institution to adopt VR training technology across its 4,300 global offices to increase employee sensitivity and interpersonal communication skills.

Numerous startups and tech firms have spoken to XR Today to communicate the benefits of XR training in several round table discussions, which they have documented as providing greater levels of learner engagement, information retention, reduced training costs, and higher preparedness for future job roles.


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