Sony Secures Tobii Eye-Tracking for PSVR 2

PlayStation parent scores technology alliance and patents hand-tracking, ahead of Metaverse launch

Sony Secures Tobii Eye-Tracking for PSVR 2
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Last Edited: July 5, 2022


Rory Greener

Last Friday, Sony Interactive Entertainment, the hardware vendor behind the famous PlayStation gaming console brand, announced a technology partnership with eye-tracking provider Tobii for the Japanese firm’s sophomore virtual reality (VR) gaming headset.

Sony is developing the PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR 2) headset as an add-on for its gaming hardware. The upcoming product will include various features to enable high-quality immersive experiences.

The PSVR 2 device will include ground-breaking eye-tracking navigation that allows users to move within a virtual environment and navigate spatial menus without needing a handheld controller.

The partnership with Sony enables Tobii to distribute and introduce its eye-tracking solution to a broader gaming audience, including developers and consumers.

The CEO of Tobii, Anand Srivatsa, said that allocating its technology under Sony’s product enables the firm to deliver its solutions at a mass-market scale.

They added:

PlayStation VR2 establishes a new baseline for immersive VR entertainment and will enable millions of users across the world to experience the power of eye-tracking.

According to Tobii, the revenue gained from the alliance will represent more than 10 percent of the firm’s capital in 2022, thanks to the accelerated evolution of the VR market.

Sony Filles Hand-Tracking Technology

Sony is also planning to introduce accurate hand-tracking technology for its upcoming hardware. In May, the firm filed a patent to secure technology which translates small finger movements as spatial inputs.

Sony Hand Tracking Patent Example
An illustration detailing Sony’s patented hand-tracking tech PHOTO: Sony

Additionally, the patent reveals that Sony’s PSVR 2 product will completely recreate a user’s hand in an immersive environment. The PSVR 2 controller will detect “keypoints” to create a real-time digital template that reacts to a user’s hand movement.

The device also uses touch input, similar to the Valve Index, to detect when a user is holding specific pressure points to create an accurate digital representation of their hand.

The headset’s onboard outward sensors also provide rich hand detection capabilities, and it incorporates machine learning AI algorithms that complete hand and finger animations.

Sony’s Metaverse

Sony entered a new corporate strategy in May to create a Metaverse service. The firm is building a digital space that enables PSVR adopters to play, socialise, and collaborate in an immersive environment.

Sony plans to create a rich Metaverse portfolio, working with partners such as Manchester City Football Club to provide a space for brands and businesses to utilise the emerging digital marketplace.

Additionally, Sony is providing Skyfish with its Alpha cameras to create accurate digital twins that recreate outdoor areas and structures.

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