SenseGlove Debut Nova 2 Haptic Glove

Pre-orders are open for the latest haptic feedback product, ready to boost immersion for enterprise customers

SenseGlove Debut Nova 2 Haptic Glove
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Published: July 4, 2023


Rory Greener

SenseGlove, an innovator in immersive haptic feedback hardware, opened pre-orders for its Nova 2 product, a glove which directs pressure-based feedback to the palm and hands of a headset operator.

The firm is debuting the product with enterprise customers in mind, boasting to increase immersion in training, research, and multi-player use cases. The wireless product allows headset users to realistically interact with and receive haptic feedback from a virtual object, with the advanced device imitating an object’s feel relative to its shape and stiffness. Moreover, the Nova 2 provides haptic feedback based on impact and vibrations.

The device also provides accurate finger tracking, replicating real-life finger and hand positioning in a virtual space. The Nova 2 provides some of its haptic feedback via an “active strap” that applies pressure to the palm of a user.

SenseGlove is currently running pre-orders for its product starting at €5,999.

More on SenseGlove

SenseGlove debuted the initial model of its Nova device at CES 2021, compatible with HTC VIVE, Meta Quest, and Pico Neo headsets. Following a successful showcase, SenseGlove opened global shipments of the Nova product in May 2022.

The firm gained key enterprise clients to help develop the Nova prototype before its global marketplace debut. Notably, the Royal Dutch Ministry of Defence’s Simulation Centre leveraged the Nova prototype to help research training methods to improve muscle memory via exercises for soldiers and staff.

The partners’ military VR training modules made trainees assemble a satellite receiver with minimal damage in a virtual space, using the haptic solution to improve immersion and interactivity. Moreover, SenseGlove’s solution provided vital training skills for the trainees, who could feel virtual parts, assess their dimensions, and assemble them naturally.

More recently, SenseGlove entered a partnership with Sense 4 Motion, a Turkish reseller assisting in distributing Nova technology to users in healthcare, sports, and ergonomics across various regions such as Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

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