PlayStation VR2 to Launch in February 2023

Rory Greener

Sony debuts its sophomore VR headset alongside 11 new immersive experiences

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PlayStation VR2 to Launch in February 2023

Following anticipation from fans, Sony announced on Wednesday the release window, price, and new features of its PlayStation Virtual Reality 2 (PSVR2) device. The global electronics firm is debuting the device for its PlayStation 5 gaming portfolio.

Sony is pricing the PSVR2 at $549.99 for the base model, letting customers get their hands on the sophomore product in February 2023. Sony is debuting three bundles, including:

  • The base model, for $549.99, comes with a headset, sense controllers, and stereo headphones.
  • For $599.99, Sony sells the PSVR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle that includes a headset, sense controllers, stereo headphones, and a Horizon Call of the Mountain download code. Sony designed the title alongside long-time partners Guerrilla Games and the PlayStation subsidiary Firesprite to create a highly sophisticated VR experience showcasing the hardware’s potential.
  • Additionally, Sony is debuting a PSVR2 Sense controller charging station bundle for $49.99 that enables gamers to charge their VR setup without using the PlayStations 5’s ports.

Potential buyers in the US, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg can pre-order the device via PlayStation’s official online storefront beginning November 15. Although, in other markets, Sony notes that local participating retailers will support the pre-order process again starting November 15.

The PSVR2 can display games at a 4K HDR resolution, running immersive applications at up to 120fps on two 2000 x 2040 OLED displays. Additionally, the device comes with modern immersive technology, like eye-tracking, hand-tracking, spatial audio, and haptics, to enhance VR experiences in a way unseen by console gamers.

New Titles

In addition to its pre-order announcement, Sony is also introducing a selection of new titles to its Horizon showcase project for PSVR2 adopters. Sony is debuting 11 new VR titles ready for the PSVR2’s debut, such as:

  • The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, developed by Supermassive Games, is an action horror shooter which places a gamer inside a roller coaster that drives them through a multi-sensory horror environment. The experience utilises the PSVR2’s eye-tracking, spatial audio, and haptic feedback systems to create a fully immersive experience.
  • Sierra Squad by Smilegate is an online tactical military shooter which pits players against each other or in co-op. The game leverages the PSVR2’s hand tracking and touch detection to enable gesture-based communications amid a firefight.
  • Funktronic Labs’ The Light Brigade is a cross-platform title for PSVR2 and its previous iteration. The game provides a rich mystery to solve and a deeply immersive story for fans to enjoy.
  • Cities VR Enhanced Edition by Fast Travel Games is an update to the popular VR and desktop title, enabling gamers to create and manage large-scale urban environments. Fast Travel Games’ latest release leverages the PSVR2’s hardware and controllers to improve graphics and navigation significantly.

Sony is also releasing titles such as PistolWhip, Hello Neighbour, and Jurassic World Aftermath to leverage the PSVR2’s high frame rate and graphical fidelity.



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