PACE is Now a Unity Verified Solutions Partner

PACE and Unity are Joining Forces

PACE is Now a Unity Verified Solutions Partner

PACE, a company under the TXT group, recently announced that it is starting a new position as a Unity Verified Solutions provider. Up until now, PACE has developed a strong reputation for developing innovative software products for the aviation industry. As part of the TXT brand, PACE is committed to digital transformation with sensational disruptive technology.

Becoming a verified solutions partner for Unity means that the PACE flagship solution for extended reality training has been fully verified by Unity. The WEAVR platform for the end-to-end management, distribution and use of training content across all devices is built on top of Unity. In full, the solution extends Unity into a comprehensive next-level training environment.

Unity verification means that the WEAVR SDK is optimised to support the new iteration of the Unity editor technology – providing a comprehensive and seamless user experience.

A Next-Gen Training System

The Pacelab WEAVR technology is a comprehensive and scalable platform for XR software that supports any company in any industry to begin developing and managing more immersive programs for training. As part of the comprehensive partnership, Unity resells the WEAVR solution to its customers.

According to the Head of Extended Reality for PACE, the company is thrilled to be setting sail as a Unity Verified Solutions Partner. The brand has designed the WEAVR completely based on the real-time 3D development platform from Unity. The new partnership will take the product that PACE can offer to the next level. It also means that PACE can get more exposure for it’s next-gen training platform.

The WEAVR offering is a powerful solution for industrial-level XR training, consisting of three primary modules for product development, which provide companies with all the tools they might need for implementing and managing XR in-house.

Enabling Better Employee Experience

The WEAVR service comes with access to an intuitive authoring tool that companies can use to make XR content with no programming skills, called WEAVR creator. There’s also a learning hub where students can launch training information easily on any device they choose, including AR/VR headsets.

A web portal is also included alongside the solution which supports remote instruction, collaboration, reporting, and team management for the XR platform, called WEAVR Manager.

As the immersive environment for interactive training experiences continues to change what’s possible with experiential learning, PACE is helping companies of all sizes to change the way that they engage employees through training sessions. With this technology, organisations can train employees alone or in groups with intelligent and fun end-user applications. The use of XR also reduces the need for additional support from in-person managers and supervisors.

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