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The XR specialists are bringing together Motive XMS and Innoactive’s XR CMS

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Published: June 10, 2024

James Stephen and Innoactive have created a platform integration between Motive XMS and Innoactive’s XR CMS.

Users will now be able to use any learning management system (LMS) to run Innoactive XR training content.

Both Motive and Innoactive offer training platforms that allow users to create virtual reality training programmes.

Ryan Chapman, CEO of, commented on its new technology partnership with Innoactive: “We are excited to partner with Innoactive to deliver this powerful integration.

“Our goal has always been to make XR training as accessible and impactful as possible.

“This integration with Innoactive is an important step towards a broader ecosystem of technologies that help our customers incorporate XR training into their learning programs.”

Better Together: Motive and Innoactive

According to Motive, this technological union represents multiple benefits to its users.

Innoactive’s streaming service brings the capability to render complex data, which is not possible on standalone headsets.

On demand, cloud-based graphics processing units (GPUs) will no longer be needed to deployed within workstations to provide streaming.

It also stores XR file and 3D models securely on the cloud, removing the need to download them to the individual devices.

Currently, Motive’s XMS Launch Server allows organisations to run training content from SCORM or xAPI-based LMS. It will now be able to extend this functionality to content accessed from Innoactive.

The integration was built using Motive’s XMS plugin system, which lets developers utilise Motive XMS alongside to add further XR training tools from other platforms.

In this case, Innovative’s XR streaming platform gives users access to all of their XR content without losing visual quality.

Motive outlines four key benefits of the integration, which are streamlined training development, enhanced user experience, scalability, and business control.

Enterprises will reportedly find it straightforward to integrate XR training into their current LMS infrastructure.

The high quality of XR training content, delivered through a familiar LMS interface, will result in greater engagement and learning results.

Scalable training programs are supported by the integration so that businesses of all sizes can effectively expand their XT training solutions.

Finally, Innoactive’s Portal offers CMS business control features like version management, single sign on, and user management.

Daniel Seidl, CEO of Innoactive, reinforced these experience and deployment benefits of the integration: “Innoactive is dedicated to help enterprises scale VR to their global workforce, so everyone can access VR content with one click.

 “By joining forces with, we can provide an integrated solution that not only enhances the training experience but also simplifies the management and deployment of XR training content.” has acquired an esteemed resume of clients such as Accenture, the Salt River Project, and SD Mines.

Last year, it joined Chevron Technology Ventures’ selection of technology corporations working to accelerate innovation in the energy industry.

The integration is available with immediate effect to all Motive and Innoactive users.

XR Today recently compiled a breakdown of the best XR immersive automotive innovators for 2024, which included

Other vendors highlighted were MakeReal, Glartek, VR-Vision, Basemark, Holoride, Crosshelmet, Infineon Technologies, and Holo-Light.

XR providers have been quick to respond to the growing demand for industrial metaverse features by bringing their attention to the automotive sector.



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