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Do we finally have a Meta Quest 3 release date?

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Published: August 11, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Rebekah Carter

According to industry experts, the new “Meta Quest 3” release date has been all but confirmed by the tech giant. Unlike some of the other hype-inducing headsets revealed by market leaders this year, the Quest 3 could be arriving a lot sooner.

When  Mark Zuckerberg announced the updated Quest system, analysts suggested the wearable could hit the market this year. Now, many believe Meta will be officially releasing its device at the Meta Connect event on September 27th this year. The event could also provide an opportunity to share some extra details about the system.

This prediction certainly has some validity. Meta has already tweeted that we can expect a big Quest 3 announcement at the event. Plus, investigators in the VR space have shared some interesting findings. FCC filings support the arrival of a new Meta device one day soon.

Here’s what we know so far.

The Meta Quest 3 Release Date: The Facts

Meta hasn’t officially shared a release date for its new Quest 3 device. However, Zuckerberg has already suggested the wearable will hit shelves this fall, before the holiday season. Meta has since announced that the Quest 3 will be on show at the Meta Connect keynote speech on September 27th. Here, Zuckerberg will be sharing exciting news about the technology.

Many market leaders believe the keynote will serve as the official launch platform for Quest 3. Preorders may be available on the same day. This idea is backed up by reports from UploadVR, who shared data from the Federal Communications Commission. Filings suggest the FCC has already given regulatory approval for the headset. Though the approval documents don’t mention the Quest 3 directly, they seem connected.

Most companies receive FCC approval when they’re nearing the release of a product in the United States. Additionally, it’s worth noting both the Meta Quest Pro and the Meta Quest 2 were launched at Meta Connect conferences.

Alongside possibly revealing the launch date for the new headset, the FCC filing also outlines some valuable details. For instance, it will feature 6GHz wireless, similar to the Quest Pro. Plus, it will have a 40% slimmer optic profile, a new Snapdragon chip, and higher-resolution displays. Two Quest controllers also appeared in the FCC database.

These appear to be the controllers for the new Quest 3, which lack the outer tracking rings, though they still include “TruTouch” haptics.

How Much Will the Meta Quest 3 Cost? Quest 3 Pricing

While the Meta Quest 3 release date is somewhat vague, we have some data about the upcoming headset. Industry analysts suggest the price for the device will start at $499. This does make the device a little more expensive than the Quest 2.

Of course, this price tag still makes the impending Quest 3 a far more affordable choice than other emerging MR devices, like the Apple Vision Pro. It’s worth noting that the Quest 2 initially launched for $299, but the price has ramped up since. Hopefully, Meta won’t see a need to increase the pricing this time.

With the release of the Meta Quest 3, there’s a chance Meta will also decrease the pricing for its Quest 2 product. This could increase accessibility to the VR market for a broader range of customers.

Speaking of accessibility, it seems more people will be able to use the Quest 3 at launch than the Quest 2. Meta changed its minimum age requirements for VR headsets to only ten years old (down from 13 years).

Will the Meta Quest 3 Outperform the Quest 2?

Meta hasn’t gone into much detail about the specs we can expect from the Quest 3 – at least not yet. When announcing the new headset, Zuckerberg described the device as a significant upgrade from previous devices, however.

The headset is set to have the “highest resolution display” ever offered by Meta, but it also features a next-generation Snapdragon chipset. Leaks suggest the Qualcomm chip could be the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2, specially designed for the extended reality landscape.

Additionally, there’s a good chance the Quest 3 will have multiple storage options, starting with the 128GB version.

Regarding display performance, Meta didn’t initially announce any information about refresh rates or resolution. However, Best Buy Online has revealed some exciting details. The Quest 3 is described on the product page as having a 30% better resolution than the Quest 2.

This tracks with analyst predictions that the Quest 3 will have a resolution of around 2064 x 2208 per eye. Though this isn’t quite as advanced as the display on devices like the Apple Vision Pro, it’s an improvement.

We also know the Quest 3 will feature high fidelity color passthrough. This allows the user to interact with the world in full color. The Quest 3 will use machine learning and spatial understanding to create a more comprehensive “mixed reality” user experience.

Unfortunately, there haven’t been any announcements related to eye-tracking technology for spatial rendering, and the Meta Chief Technology Officer Andrew Bosworth has suggested the battery life for the device will be about the same as you can expect from the Quest 2.

What Can We Expect from the Meta Quest 3 Design?

While more information and an official Meta Quest 3 release date will likely emerge at the Connect 2023 event, we do know the device has been “completely redesigned.”

Though the aesthetic is likely to be similar to the Quest 2 and Quest Pro, it will be around 40% slimmer, thanks to new pancake lenses. Additionally, the device appears to have a trio of sensors on the front and a more flexible head strap for ergonomic comfort.

Based on what we’ve seen of the Meta Quest 3 design so far, it seems to have a flexible mesh around the lenses and a motorized IPD wheel for individual adjustments. As for the controllers, Metta has redesigned the Touch Plus options from the Quest 2 for ergonomics.

These controllers lack the circular tracking ring but still come with TruTouch haptics to give users advanced feedback from interactions. Unfortunately, it seems the controllers will rely on battery power rather than offering a recharging function.

Meta Quest 3 Potential Features

If the Meta Quest 3 release date is confirmed this September, we’ll likely receive a behind-the-scenes look at all the features exclusive to the device. Leak videos have already drawn attention to the potential arrival of a new “Smart Guardian” feature to assist users in maintaining a safe experience.

The Smart Guardian could outline the space surrounding a user using the headset’s mixed-reality camera array. This could help minimize risk and improve experiences that are accurately aligned with your room and environment.

We also know the Quest 3 will have some interoperability with Windows PCs, and should come with access to the Meta Quest Plus gaming subscription service. Meta plans to release at least 40+ new games and apps when the device is available.

What’s more, the Quest 3 could support the existing library of the Quest 2. The backward-compatible system should ensure users have access to plenty of content immediately.

Perhaps the most exciting functionality planned for the Quest 3 comes from its mixed reality capabilities. Meta’s goal is to make the Quest 3 experience feel more natural and streamlined, evidenced by the use of full-color passthrough capabilities.

Looking Ahead to the Meta Quest 3 Release Date

Ultimately, it seems like Meta is trying to get ahead of the game with the Meta Quest 3 release date. As other solutions like the Apple Vision Pro continue to suffer delays, a faster release date could ensure Meta can maintain its strength in the current XR market.

While we still don’t have much official information about the Meta Quest 3 and its availability, it seems we’ll have a new solution available from Meta before the end of this year. Moreover, it appears that Meta is committed to making this headset one of its most impressive consumer-ready devices yet.

Though the slightly higher price tag might deter some buyers, the Quest 3 will still be far more affordable than other impending mixed reality solutions. If Meta can continue successfully building out its XR experiences, the Quest 3 could be an essential step in the company’s quest for unlocking the Metaverse.

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