This Major Partnership will Optimise Large Scale Immersive Display Tech

Scalable Display Technologies and Realmotion partner to improve content creation on large--scale displays for immersive content

This Major Partnership will Optimise Large Scale Immersive Display Tech
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Published: July 3, 2024


Rory Greener

Scalable Display Technologies (SDT) recently improved its immersive display software and hardware solutions by integrating Realmotion’s real-time XR media server and software platform. SDT provides customers with large-scale display technologies that allow companies to present real-time immersive visualisations.

The Realmotion integration enables SDT to enhance its immersive projector display technology, making it ready for developers to create and distribute immersive experiences aligned with the technology portfolio. Moreover, Realmotion technology streamlines configuration and calibration processes to improve the development of SDT-ready experiences.

James Pietsch, the Director of Global Accounts for Scalable Display Technologies, added:

We are excited to continue to collaborate with Realmotion and empower their users with a comprehensive calibration solution for immersive experiences.

The Director also noted that Realmotion’s integrated real-time media servers and SDT’s “advanced calibration technology” allow users to “benefit from the highest image quality and system performance on multi-projector setups.”

Pietsch also said, “Our first immersive ceiling-mapped project was a great success, and we look forward to delivering at the highest level for our mutual clients.”

Realmotion Integration to Scale Enterprise Adoption and Opportunities

SDT has already innovated with its projector-based displays, which automatically calibrate display geometry, colour, and intensity across multiple projectors to present one unified 3D presentation. The Realmotion integration aims to streamline the creation of such content.

With the streamlined Realmotion features, SDT should be able to scale these opportunities by eliminating manual calibration and adjustments by leveraging camera-based computer vision technology. Moreover, Realmotion integration helps SDT accelerate setup processes and maintenance.

Alexandre Simionescu, the Founder and CEO of Realmotion, explained:

Scalable Display Technologies’ expertise in multi-projector setups complements our mission to provide a platform that enables users to do more with less effort. The integration of our products showcases the power of combining hardware-accelerated graphics with advanced calibration technology, providing added flexibility for immersive media-rich environments.

The firm notes that its large-scale display solution is ready for various use cases such as simulation, training, architecture and design, broadcast and production, higher education, arts, and entertainment.

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