Lenovo to Provide ThinkReality VRX Headsets to Elderly Patients

In partnership with Rendever, elderly living communities are leveraging VR to improve quality of living

Lenovo to Provide ThinkReality VRX Headsets to Elderly Patients
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Published: July 9, 2024


Rory Greener

This week, Lenovo partnered with immersive healthcare solutions provider Rendever to distribute its VR elderly patient solution to individuals at the Carolina Caring facility. 

Jason McGuigan, Lenovo’s Head of Commercial Virtual Reality, said, “VR experiences can have the power to inspire, inform, and enhance well-being because they are immersive and even breathtakingly vivid.” 

Moreover, Mcguigan explained: 

Transforming the patient experience with a solution like this is a big part of Lenovo’s mission to bring smarter technology for all. 

The partnership scales the distribution of Rendever’s immersive elderly care solution that provides patients with VR experiences to improve their quality of life.  

Kyle Rand, the Rendever CEO and Co-Founder, also added: 

For us, it’s all about delivering magical moments that ignite new relationships and conversations that ultimately lead to healthier, happier lives. It’s exciting to see the rising tide of VR hardware providers joining our mission to enhance the lives of older adults. Partnering with Lenovo to service Carolina Caring has been a delight, and we’re thrilled for the future. 

The move follows a joint program between Lenovo and Renderver to leverage each firm’s XR and digital solutions to create shared experiences that boost patients’ quality of life in situations where travelling may be restricted.  

Rendever to Leverage ThinkReality VRX Headsets

Rendever is already experienced in providing its brand of patient care to companies nationwide, including over 700 deployments, and the firm is operating with the Lenovo partnership. 

The partnership started a year ago to ensure support and growth for Redenver. Lenovo provides Rendever with its ThinkReality VRX headset, an incredibly high-quality device that ensures an optimal display and experience compared to other consumer devices.  

Based on this previous success with Lenovo, Rendever is now doubling down on the partnership to reach the Carolina community. 

Kelly Tate, the VP of Community Relations at Carolina Caring, said, “It’s been incredible to see our patients interact with each other and virtually explore parts of the world they’ve never been able to before with this holistic approach and see how it positively impacts their wellbeing.”

Tate highlighted how “anxious patients with tremors” who used the Rendever solutions became “at ease during a VR session” – “Our caregivers and clinicians can easily integrate the technology into our programming and offer these special moments to our patients,” Tate also remarked.

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