Lenovo, Qualcomm Partner for AI-Ready XR Training

VirtualSpeech joins Snapdragon Spaces in global distribution goal

Lenovo, Qualcomm Partner for AI-Ready XR Training
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Published: April 4, 2024


Rory Greener

VirtualSpeech, an immersive training solutions provider integrating genAI technology to make responsive and personalized enterprise training scenarios, recently announced that it is teaming up with Lenovo and Qualcomm to launch its VR service on the ThinkReality VRX headset and Snapdragon Spaces ecosystem.

By integrating VirtualSpeech XR learning solutions onto the enterprise focus headset, the firm can reach a “significant milestone” in achieving global scalability of its product.  

Moreover, by launching on Lenovo VRX, the firm gains the power of the Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer platform; with it, Virtualspeech can reach a new group of users via Qualcomm’s growing comprehensive suite of enterprise XR tools. 

Sophie Thompson, the CEO and Co-Founder of VirtualSpeech, added:  

VirtualSpeech is dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations through immersive learning experiences, and our collaboration with Lenovo and Qualcomm Technologies is a major leap towards achieving this goal. The compatibility of VirtualSpeech with the Lenovo ThinkReality VRX allows us to reach a broader international audience, enabling learners to enhance their active learning of key soft skills like public speaking, difficult conversations, and leadership. 

By partnering with technology giants like Lenovo and Qualcomm, VirtualSpeech aims to leverage the firm’s platform to transform communication and soft skills learning and development. 

Ali Zamiri, Staff Manager, XR Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, added: 

VirtualSpeech is leveraging XR to make professional development training interactive and more accessible. By building their XR training solution on Snapdragon Spaces allows for compatibility with XR devices such as the Lenovo ThinkReality VRX. It’s exciting to work with developers like VirtualSpeech to bring their training courses to the masses.

The platform is also available on the Immerse Marketplace, a valuable resource for businesses looking to implement VR solutions across the workforce; the marketplace organizes a selection of XR services for various enterprise clients.

AI-Ready VR Training Software to Improve Company-Wide Skills

VirtualSpeech is a company known worldwide for using AI in its training platforms to improve workers’ soft skills, such as presentation, public speaking, and meeting skills. The company offers a range of training scenarios involving digital humans who can react to a presentation-style training scenario as if in person.

The genAI integration used by VirtualSpeech allows the training avatar to ask questions based on the information provided by the trainee when they present their unique slides. This results in each training scenario being exceptional, and the training avatars can ask personalized questions about the trainees’ presentations using the deep resources of genAI.

In addition to this, VirtualSpeech’s platform also uses ChatGPT to simulate challenging conversations for employees and managers. This can help managers train for difficult discussions while presenting openness, respect, and support while also assisting workers in preparing for high-stakes presentations.

The company is refining a few use cases to fill gaps in the training marketplace, and one such use case is the immersive performance review. During a VirtualSpeech performance review training session, a trainee will be placed face-to-face with a ChatGPT-ready avatar and practice conversing in a safe and controlled environment. Also, VirtualSpeech’s platform comes with additional feedback prompts to help users improve their soft skills in public speaking, including video playback, speech analysis, pacing, and eye contact.

Severn Trent, one of the UK’s largest water companies, uses VirtualSpeech’s innovative solution to improve its team’s presentation skills and communicate its focus on environmental responsibility. The VR training software has allowed Severn Trent to refine its workers’ presentation skills in virtual environments like lecture theatres and meeting rooms, including multi-sensory considerations to prepare trainees for the nerves of public speaking.

A spokesperson from Severn Trent said that VirtualSpeech “is easy to use, and the team is very helpful and quick to answer any questions. We love working with VirtualSpeech. There is so much available from VirtualSpeech, and they are constantly adding new and exciting features. We will be using VR in more of our courses and learning experiences in the future.”

Severn Trent has reported significant benefits and positive results after integrating VirtualSpeech’s training technology. Employees have described the training platform as enjoyable, engaging, and thrilling, leading to increased learner satisfaction. The VirtualSpeech training platform has generated massive interest within Severn Trent, with the firm’s training courses being fully booked. In response to the high demand, Severn Trent is increasing the number of available training sessions.

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