HP Reverb G2 Review: Incredible Clarity from HP

XR Today puts HP's flagship VR headset under the microscope

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Published: January 20, 2021

Rebekah Carter

Rebekah Carter

One of the most anticipated VR headsets on the market, the HP Reverb promises a sensational viewing experience, combined with exceptional ease of use. With a revolutionary 2160 x 2160 resolution per eye, the HP Reverb aims to eliminate the standard “screen door” effect of VR headsets once and for all.

Not only does the HP Reverb G2 promise a more immersive visual experience, but it arrives on the market at a price point that undercuts many similar rivals. For businesses interested in exploring the potential of VR for themselves, the Reverb G2 could be an excellent entry point solution.

Let’s take a closer look.

HP Reverb G2 review: Design and Build

Similar in style to most of the virtual reality headsets you might have seen on the web today, the HP Reverb G2 doesn’t look like anything special out of the box. There are headphones built into the headset, and you can adjust the system while you wear it using a set of Velcro straps.

The part of the headset that rests against your face is reasonably lightweight and comfortable, while still effective enough to block out exterior light. There’s also the option to remove the mask and replace it with something more custom or comfortable. At the bottom of the headset, you’ll find a slider for IPD (inter-pupillary distance).

Weighing just over a pound without the cable, the HP Reverb G2 is very lightweight, although the attached cable does drag it down a little. You also have to plug the cable into the headset above the goggles, which is an odd choice. There’s also a power adapter included in the box which leaves you with a pile of wires to maintain, but you do get more cable length with the HP Reverb G2 than you would with other market leaders, at around 6 metres.

HP Reverb G2 review: Ease of Use

The Reverb G2 is relatively easy to set up and start using, even if you haven’t experimented much with VR headsets before. Once you’ve applied your headset and adjusted the lens according to your needs, you’re ready to start exploring the technology. You don’t need to download any software, just plug the DisplayPort and USB cable into your computer, and get the headset powered up.

The Windows 10 system should automatically detect the presence of Windows MR technology, so it can download the drivers for you. There’s also no additional sensors that you need to set up. Instead, there are cameras built into the headset that point outwards to track movement.

After you’ve wired everything properly, the Mixed Reality portal from Windows will pop into your display, which allows you to adjust your play space according to your needs. The interface is simple enough to use, and it integrates well with existing Windows technology. Overall, the HP Reverb 2 offers a decent plug-and-play experience.

HP Reverb G2 review: Visuals and Performance

As mentioned above, it’s the visual impact of the HP Reverb G2 that has the biggest impact on most users. There are 2 LCD screens offering 2160 x 2160 resolution for each eye, and a massive 114

degree field of view too. On top of that, you get a sensational 90 Hz refresh rate, which should be more than enough for most business users. From the moment you set up your VR headset, you should instantly notice the high quality visuals transforming your experience.

The Windows Mixed Reality environment also comes with a decent number of apps and games that you can access straight from the system, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding something to test the technology with. No matter what you play, you won’t have to worry about the annoying screen door effect, which means that you can feel truly immersed in any virtual environment.

The controllers included with the headset are the standard ones that appear with all Windows Mixed Reality headsets. These controllers are easy enough to use, but they’re not the most advanced options on the market.

HP Reverb G2 review: Verdict

The HP Reverb G2 is an excellent VR solution for companies that want to transform their immersive collaborative experiences. This technology eliminates the screen door problem that’s common with a lot of alternative VR systems, giving you a way to truly make the most of the headset’s visual impact.

Although there are some issues, like less advanced controllers, and many cables to work with, the HP Reverb G2 lives up to its hype in many ways.


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