Glue Introduces Glue 2.0: The Updated VR Platform

Rebekah Carter
Rebekah Carter

Glue Reveals a New Version of its Collaboration Platform

Glue Introduces Glue 2.0: The Updated VR Platform

Real-time virtual reality provider, Glue Collaboration, recently announced the latest release of the Glue VR collaboration platform. Glue 2.0 is an immersive solution that supports seamless interactions between remote team members. According to Glue, this tool can help people to co-create ideas, plan projects, and share information in real-time.

Available now, the Glue 2.0 collaboration system comes with speech-to-text capabilities, ground-breaking avatars, and various new tools for immersive teamwork. According to CEO of Glue Collaboration, Jussi Havu, this is the most significant release from the company so far, providing a space for remote workers to collaborate more effectively when they’re apart.

Glue provides teams with shared virtual environments where they can come together as if they were face-to-face. The solution appeals to the haptic, auditory, and visual sensors of each team member, for a new style of remote meeting.

Glue’s Most Impressive Avatars Yet

According to Glue, the latest update to Glue 2.0 introduces the company’s most expressive avatars to date. These tools use artificial intelligence combined with advanced graphics to mimic the behaviour and features of each person’s face. The enhancements are designed to make communications as natural as possible, ensuring that users focus on meetings rather than adjusting their camera.

To build the updated avatars, Glue has invested in new AI-powered animation technology, with the help of Rapport, a company committed to amazing lip syncing and facial animation tools. CEO of Rapport, Gregor Hofer said that the team worked with Glue to enable facial animations that looks natural and is generated in real-time. The avatars exhibit an extra level of expressiveness to make them more engaging.

With support from the built-in avatar configurating tool, users can design their own avatar from scratch, adjusting features, shape, hair, clothing, and color options. There are literally millions of permutations to choose from.

Glue believes that allowing users to choose their own features and appearance ensures that everyone can be themselves in a meeting. The company deliberately chose animated virtual avatars rather than opting for realistic virtual representations to ensure a less “eerie” experience for users.

Making Virtual Meetings More Engaging

Aside from the arrival of the enhanced avatars, Glue 2.0 has also delivered a variety of other new features too, including a speech-to-text technology that allows users to say exactly what they want to type. There’s also a new whiteboard for ideation purposes, which is accessible to non-VR users on Glue too, and a camera that shoots and zooms in the resolution the customer wants.

Glue also updated the way that users can manage their files, teams and spaces on the Collaboration service, and the company is expanding the library of customisable spaces available, with a new hill-top open-air option. Glue recently highlighted the fact that several enterprises now use the platform for collaboration in a virtual world, including Microsoft, Fazer, Air France-KLM and many more.

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