Glue Collaboration Introduces Beneficial Immersive Features

Rory Greener

Behind the latest features added to Glue Collaboration

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Glue Collaboration Introduces Beneficial Immersive Features

Finish remote collaboration platform Glue recently announced updates to its advanced communications platform that introduces a selection of new features to improve the popular platform.

The update enhances Glue for all users with new user interface (UI) tools and enhanced visuals, making the platform more immersive than ever!

Jussi Havu, CEO, Glue Collaboration, said:

Glue now looks and sounds slicker than ever, giving you and your remote colleagues the ideal setting to communicate, collaborate and create – without distraction

Individuals can use Glue for free, or users can pay for the platform under a subscription model. Paying subscribers can access exclusive communication features and host meetings with increased number of attendees.

Currently, Glue is offering its service under three subscription models:

  • Free: The free-to-use base membership allows a maximum of ten Glue team members to meet for up to 30 minutes at a time in selected spaces.
  • Professional: By paying £50 per-month, small business receive unrestricted access to all of Glue’s virtual spaces. In addition, paying users have restrictions to the number Glue team members and online storage space removed.
  • Enterprise: The professional tier enables large firms to work closely with the Glue team to create branded spaces and incorporate customised hosting options. Adding to this, the Glue team also offer enterprise subscribers with a brilliant customer-support network by offering a premium onboarding process and assured priority technical support.

New Features

Glue Collaboration is a strong remote communications tool for virtual meetings because, the powerful platform seamlessly recreates peer-to-peer interaction by using high-quality avatars, spatial audio, and virtual environments.

In its latest version, Glue Collaboration offers subscribers with various new tools including:

  • Users can now write and place notes within a Glue environment. Workers can customise notes to best suit a meeting with adjustable font and canvas options.
  • Glue is introducing 3D object handling and this allows users to interact with imported assets. Currently, Glue Collaboration supports various 3D object types such as FBX, OBJ, GLTF2, STL, PLY, 3MF, and ZIP.
  • Glue has debuted Sky Hall, this beautiful VR environment was tailor-made for customer-facing engagements. In the spacious environment, a sales teams can showcase 3D renders of an upcoming products or hold virtual sales events.
  • Addiotnally, the Glue Collaboration team has improved the platform by increasing the maximum resolution to 1080p, decreasing background noise picked up by its spatial audio system, as well as allowing users to upload and download multiple files at once via ‘Glue Web’.

Back in June, the Helsinki-based software development firm updated Glue to add support for multiple third-party 2D remote communication solutions including but not limited to Slack, Microsoft 365 Dynamics and Google Workspace.

In addition, this updated added Glue Web as a new feature. The intuitive online hub from Glue allows for enterprises to manage various workplace elements such as remote workforces, imported files, and virtual office environments.

Accessing Glue Collaboration

News comes after, Glue debuted its immersive platform on VIVE Focus 3 headsets this September. Glue is available via VIVE’s business storefront, an distribution platform providing enterprise with a one-stop-shop for transformative VR applications.

When discussing the Glue’s VIVE Focus 3 debut, Jussi Havu explained:

[Glue’s] immersive qualities really come into their own when combined with the outstanding visuals, great audio, and overall strong performance of the VIVE Focus 3

The Helsinki firm also debuted Glue on Pico Interactive’s powerful Neo 2 and Neo 2 Eye VR headsets, the later incorporates Tobii’s innovative eye-tracking. Although, Glue has not yet made any indications that it’ll be adopting eye-tracking onto its platform.

Additionally, the Helsinki-based firm has made Glue Collaboration available for direct-downloaded on the Meta Quest. Alternatively, users can access the application by using PCVR hardware such as the Meta Rift or Valve Index.

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