Facebook Horizon Workrooms vs FRAME by Virbela

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Facebook Horizon Workrooms vs FRAME by Virbela

The workplace is evolving. Everywhere you look, companies are evolving rapidly to a rising demand for more flexible, agile, and scalable work ecosystems. Part of this transformation involves untethering the concept of “work” from a specific office environment. As hybrid and remote working solutions evolve, companies are discovering the benefits of allowing flexible work.

Of course, distributed team members mean there are new challenges to overcome in bringing people together for collaborative tasks. This is where VR solutions can make a huge impact. Virtual reality collaboration apps transform the workplace into a virtual environment employees can visit from anywhere in the world.

Tools like Facebook Horizon Workrooms and FRAME by Virbela inspire and connect your teams, allowing them to share ideas, thoughts, and insights in an ever-evolving digital space. Today, we’re going to explore the features of both FRAME and Horizon Workrooms, to help you decide which one deserves your investment.

Facebook Horizon Workrooms: Features

Created for Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 device, Horizon Workrooms is a convenient, customisable space, where teams can collaborate from anywhere in the world. Easy-to-use and suitable for all kinds of use cases, Horizon Workrooms combines the physical and virtual worlds to make teams more productive. Features like desk and keyboard tracking even means you can bring your devices into your virtual environment with you.

Don’t have a headset for everyone in your team? No problem, Facebook Horizon Workrooms allows everyone to get involved, whether they’re jumping into a meeting from their smartphone, or streaming video into the virtual world from a desktop. Features of Facebook Horizon Workrooms include:

  • Intelligent hand tracking for virtual manipulation
  • Video conferencing and audio streaming
  • Customisable Oculus avatars
  • Remote desktop streaming
  • Mixed-reality desk and keyboard tracking
  • Surround-sound spatial audio
  • Virtual whiteboarding
  • Content and document sharing
  • Content pinning and resizing
  • Meeting notes and exportable content
  • Administration, privacy, and control settings
  • Calendar integrations
  • Online chat
  • Dial-in options for non-headset users
  • Multiple room layouts

With a VR room design to suit every use case, from presentation spaces to simple meeting rooms, Facebook Horizon Workrooms will be the perfect entry point to VR collaboration for many teams. You can have up to 16 people together in a VR space at once, with up to 50 people in total on a call, including dial-in and video participants. Access to spatial audio also helps to immerse you into the experience when you’re collaborating for a more memorable meeting.

FRAME by Virbela Features

Designed by Virbela, FRAME is a comprehensive virtual environment offering users an easy way to share ideas and thoughts in real-time. With FRAME, educational and professional teams alike can step into customisable environments, where they can connect with their peers, and share all kinds of crucial content in the same space.

Users can sketch ideas on handy whiteboards, and access features like live webcam streaming for people without a headset. There’s screen sharing and importing support for 360-degree photos, images, and documents. You’ll also have the freedom to connect with users cross-platform, by inviting them to join via a desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Some of the most exciting features of FRAME include:

  • Customisable environments with digital twin options
  • Immersive templates to build your own space
  • Learning centre and FAQ for user support
  • Multi-user interactions for up to 30 people
  • Importing for documents, images, and 360-degree videos
  • Webcam streaming and screen sharing
  • Collaborative whiteboards
  • Cross-platform support for VR headsets, smartphones, desktops, and tablets
  • Speech to text
  • Live chat translation
  • Password protection
  • Interactive links and buttons
  • Admin controls and security settings

One of the most unique features of Frame is how customisable your ecosystem can be. FRAME technology can even create a comprehensive digital twin of your existing workplace or office to make people feel like they’re stepping into a familiar space when working from home. Solutions like content sharing and speech-to-text also make easier to keep knowledge flowing throughout the workplace.

Facebook Horizon Workrooms vs Virbela FRAME: Which is Best?

Facebook Horizon Workrooms and FRAME by Virbela both have a lot to offer today’s transforming teams. With each of these tools, users can access customisable virtual environments where they can share ideas, content, audio, and video. Even better, both Virbela and Facebook will allow users to join a meeting through multiple devices, including headsets, smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

The biggest difference between Facebook Horizon Workrooms and Virbela FRAME is the extent to which you can build your perfect virtual space. Facebook Horizon Workrooms is an easy-to-access solution for VR meetings in pre-built environments built for specific use cases. While you can implement your own content and make customisations, you don’t build an entire landscape from scratch.

Facebook Horizon Workrooms offers an easy entry point for companies who want to discover all the benefits of the VR ecosystem fast, with support for both people using VR headsets, and team members who want to connect through their PC or smartphone.

Virbela FRAME, on the other hand, can be far more customisable. The solution is already in use among countless companies around the world, allowing them to build incredible digital twins of their existing offices, so distributed teams can once again feel like they’re in the same room as their colleagues. The flexibility of Virbela FRAME makes it extremely compelling for professional teams, educational environments, and even major events. What’s more, extensive admin tools mean you have excellent peace of mind when building your spaces.

Which VR Collaboration Solution Should You Choose?

Your choice of VR collaboration solution will depend on what you want to accomplish in the digital landscape with your team. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to help your employees collaborate wherever they are, Facebook Horizon Workrooms could be an excellent pick.

Alternatively, if you want to build your perfect meeting room, conference hall, or educational environment from scratch, Virbela’s FRAME solution can give you more options for the ultimate VR twin. Whichever solution you choose, your team is sure to benefit.

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