Essential Metaverse Events for your Calendar in 2022

Events to Attend when Learning about the Metaverse

Essential Metaverse Events for your Calendar in 2022
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Published: March 7, 2022

Rebekah Carter

Rebekah Carter

Champion as a $1 trillion opportunity by some experts, the Metaverse is one of the most exciting topics in the XR landscape today. More than just another name for the XR environment, the Metaverse represents a new world of opportunities merging digital technology with reality.

Though the Metaverse as a concept has existed for over a decade now, interest has skyrocketed following announcements from Meta (previously Facebook). The company promised the world an upcoming introduction to the Metaverse in 2021, when introducing its new name.

If you’re still unsure about the Metaverse, what it means, and what you can do with the technology, don’t panic. Here are some amazing metaverse events you can check out in 2022 to expand your knowledge.

IEEE Conference on VR

March 12-16, 2022, Online

While VR is just one component of the much wider metaverse landscape, it’s something well-worth learning about if you’re interested in this transformative new technology.

The IEEE Conference for 3D user experiences and VR will be hosted entirely online, so you can attend regardless of where you are in the world.

During this event, attendees will have an opportunity to learn all about a host of 3D user interfaces, and how developers are taking full advantage of a new ecosystem for digital transformation. It’s a great entryway into some of the technologies crucial for the metaverse.


March 25-27th 2022, Brisbane Australia

The sixth annual ICVARS (International Conference on Virtual and Augmented Reality Simulations) conference could be an excellent way to expand your knowledge on critical metaverse technology.

During this event, computer scientists and engineers from around the world come together to discuss the possibilities of the XR landscape and accompanying ideas (like the metaverse).

Attendees at ICVARs will be able to build crucial relationships with specialists in the VR and AR speed and discuss things like interactive technology, simulation design and engineering. This is a great event to visit if you want to expand your metaverse education.

Laval Virtual

April 12-14, 2022, Laval, France

The Larval Virtual Europe event is a fantastic date to add to your calendar if you’re planning on learning more about the immersive technologies at the heart of the metaverse.

This conference discusses all kinds of AR and VR innovations, as well as the accompanying immersive technologies helping to transform the world today.

With attendees from leading companies all around the globe, and more than 130 speakers, you’re sure to find plenty of people to discuss the metaverse with. The event will even provide an insight into some of the latest technology built to help enable the metaverse.

The Global Metaverse Conference

April 27-29th, 2022 Santa Clara Convention Center

What better way to learn about the Metaverse, than with a conference entirely dedicated to this incredible new landscape?

The Global Metaverse Conference in April is the largest agnostic Metaverse conference in the world. Here, attendees can learn all about different aspects of the metaverse space, from XR, to artificial intelligence.

Throughout the course of the event, you’ll have a chance to learn about things like NFTs and the blockchain, digital identity, and logistics in the future metaverse. There are also plenty of keynote sessions and speakers to learn from.

AI VR 2022

July 22-24th, 20222, Kumamoto, Japan

Artificial intelligence and the extended reality environment are two of the biggest contributors to the future of the metaverse.

The AI VR event for 2022 will bring together researchers, scientists, and other experts from around the world, concerned with developing unique AI and VR experiences. This makes the event the perfect place to visit if you’re looking at developing metaverse experiences.

With opportunities to explore virtual and augmented reality technology, and leverage AI to solve all kinds of common problems, the AI VR 2022 event is an exceptional learning opportunity. This could be one of the top events for your calendar if you’re interested in the metaverse.

Siggraph 2022

August 8-11th, 2022, Vancouver, Canada

While there’s more to the metaverse than virtual reality experiences and designs, it’s worth noting that computer graphics and interactive technology are likely to play a significant part in how we interact with technology in the metaverse. With this mind, companies thinking of investing in new metaverse environments for collaboration or productivity are sure to benefit from the insights they can get at Siggraph 2022.

This event is committed to supporting the innovators in the technology space building some of the newest tools for interaction, education, and entertainment.

During the event, you’ll have endless opportunities to network with other professionals, and learn about new technologies.

XR Fair Tokyo

October 22-28th, 2022, Makuhari Messe, Tokyo Big Sight

Extended reality is set to play a huge part in the creation of the metaverse in the years to come. Many of the conversations happening around metaverse technologies right now involve a discussion of everything from virtual reality training to mixed reality holograms. At the XR Fair Tokyo in Autumn, you can learn all about these innovative ideas.

The XR Fair event runs during the Summer and the Autumn, so you have two opportunities to attend. While you’re here, you’ll be able to network with other disruptive competitors in your space, and learn more about the technologies which could power the metaverse.

Immerse Global Summit

December 5-7th, 2022, Fountainebleau Hotel in Miami, Florida

With more than 300 speakers and 20 industry verticals to explore, the Immerse Global Summit is a must-visit destination for technology enthusiasts.

With more than 1000 attendees expected to visit this year, the conference will offer endless opportunities for learning and growth, with focused tracks specifically related to the metaverse, NFTs, and Web3.

The Immerse Global summit covers everything from edge computing, to holograms, AR and VR, and artificial intelligence. This is definitely a conference worth adding to your calendar if you want to make sure you’re on the cutting edge of the industry by the time 2022 ends.

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