Big XR News from Snap, Metaverse Standards Forum, and Varjo,

This week in XR, Snap wins big as Metaverse Standards Forum increase reach

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Last Edited: June 1, 2023


Rory Greener

This week in XR. Various firms are making moves to provide immersive solutions for brands and enterprise end-users.

While consumer-grade XR will always be a significant player, enterprise-grade XR solutions seem to have been gaining traction in recent weeks.

Not only are major immersive technology firms like Snap and Varjo inking deals and securing partnerships, but standards are also being considered to best utilize the Metaverse for businesses and consumers.

Snap Unveils ARES Enterprise Tools

This week Snap Inc wrapped up its Partner Summit (SPS 2023). The Snapchat parent firm introduced new tools for its ARES Shopping Suite solution at the event. The platform offers partner firms access to real-time 3D (RT3D) content, AR try-on clothing, promotional wearables, and product recommendations.

The platform now includes tools including 3D Viewer, Fit Finder, AR Try-On, Enterprise Manager, and Hands-On Integration Services. Snap’s ARES Enterprise Manager also provides a frontend dashboard and backend for developing AR content.

Developers can use Snap’s Enterprise Manager platform for real-time analytics for integration into its Shopping Suite SDK and manage 3D asset catalogues. These will provide performance engagement insights for businesses.

Snap says that brands that adopt immersive experiences were 82 percent more likely to receive recommendations.

Metaverse Standards Forum Incorporates as Independent Consortium

Moreover, this week, the Metaverse Standards Forum announced its official standing as an independent non-profit industry consortium.

The move allows the Forum to make informed decisions on a sustainable Metaverse future while scaling Metaverse platforms to their full potential “beyond siloed games, experiences, and worlds.”

Neil Trevett, the President of Khronos Group, explained:

The Forum does not itself develop standards but exists to help accelerate the mission of any industry initiative working for metaverse interoperability through fostering participation, building cooperative consensus and insights, and driving wider visibility for their efforts. We invite all interested organizations to participate in the now fully independent Forum.7

The focus goals of the Fourm’s first-ever working group will include creating a Metaverse standards register, addressing 3D asset interoperability, real/virtual world integration, and asset management.

The Forum began with 37 founding members and has since grown to include numerous vendors, organizations, and hardware manufacturers.

Varjo, FORCE Technology’s Cost-Effective Maritime XR Training Platform

Varjo published a report highlighting a recent partner success story with FORCE Technology in providing low-cost maritime immersive training solutions.

For the maritime sector, FORCE Technology develops VR and MR solutions. The company has developed a number of novel training solutions to enhance marine operations’ safety and effectiveness.

The firm’s simulator can teach seafarers about bridge operations like communication, safety, and navigation. The company’s offered service is also capable of simulating actual maritime dangers.

By creating a training environment that is more realistic, immersive, and cost-effective, XR training solutions from FORCE Technology are contributing to the revolution of maritime training. The safety and effectiveness of marine operations are also being enhanced by FORCE Technology – traditional training methods could cost a maritime firm anywhere between $1 – $10 million.

EU Inks Agreement on CHIPS Semiconductor Act

On Tuesday, it was made public that legislators in the European Union had reached a “provisional agreement” regarding the long-awaited European Chips Act.

Tweeted by the Swedish Presidency, the Act aimed to expand Europe’s tech ecosystem, allowing the 27-nation bloc to become more competitive in global markets.

The Presidency said in a tweet:

[EU Council and European Parliament] negotiators have reached a provisional political agreement on the European Chips Act. The Chips Act will boost the European ecosystem for semiconductors and play a vital part in strengthening the EU’s competitiveness at the global level.

The deal provides €15 billion in investments for Europe’s semiconductor industry, due from Tuesday to 2030. This will allow Europe to become an “industrial leader” in the global economy.

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