Apple Vision Pro Accessories: The Top Options for 2024

The Apple Vision Pro accessories you can buy now

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Published: January 26, 2024

Rebekah Carter

Rebekah Carter

The demand for Apple Vision Pro accessories is increasing now that Apple has finally announced an official release date for the device. If you were lucky enough to pre-order the headset before it sold out (within 15 minutes) on the Apple store, you might interested in grabbing some accessories before your device arrives.

Alternatively, if you missed out on a pre-order, you might simply want to be prepared before the headset comes back in stock. Don; Appley, Apple plans to ship at least another 320,000 devices by the end of the year. Ultimately, the right accessories can make a huge difference to any augmented, virtual, or mixed-reality experience, whether you’re looking for comfort, performance, or power.

The challenge is in finding the right accessories for your needs. We’ve checked out all the official Apple Vision Pro accessories, compatible solutions, and third-party options available to help you start building your shopping list.

The Official Apple Vision Pro Accessories

After announcing an official arrival date for the Vision Pro (at least in the US), Apple updated its official website product page with a range of accessory options. The company has invested in most of the essential AR and VR accessories you’d expect, from carry cases to additional battery packs.

However, it’s worth noting most of these options are quite expensive. If you want a Vision Pro with all the trimmings, you’ll need a bigger budget. Even reasonably simple solutions, like the Vision Pro travel case, will set you back another $199 on top of the Vision Pro’s $3,699 price tag.

Here’s an insight into some of the official and “featured” accessories available directly from Apple if you want to avoid exploring third-party options.

The Apple Vision Pro Travel Case

Designed to be the perfect protector when you’re taking your Apple Vision Pro on the go, the Vision Pro travel case is both luxurious and practical. It features a retractable handle, as well as plenty of internal padding and a hard case on the exterior for extra protection.

The case, costing $199, includes specially designed components for an extra battery, ZEISS optical inserts, and the Pro headset itself. It’s a stylish option, great for Apple fans, but we expect to see a lot of more affordable alternatives emerging in the months to come.

ZEISS Optical Inserts

One of the things that set the Apple Vision Pro apart from other mixed-reality headsets is its commitment to supporting all users, even those using prescription glasses. While many vendors, like Meta, offer prescription inserts for the headsets, the ZEISS Optical inserts from Apple are unique.

They come in two variations: Prescription and readers. Prescription options are custom-made according to your exact prescription. The readers are available in 3 common strengths. Options start at around $99 for the readers and $149 for the prescription lenses. Both attach to your Vision Pro magnetically, and they’re also designed to work with the Apple Vision Pro light seal.

Additional Batteries and Battery Holders

To keep its headset lightweight, Apple didn’t include a battery in the device itself. Instead, you need to connect the headset to an external battery pack. The included option can support up to 2 hours of general use, and 2.5 hours of playback. If you want a longer playtime, we recommend purchasing an additional battery pack for $199. It’s also worth considering the “Belkin Battery holder” for $49.99.

Though one of the simplest Apple Vision Pro accessories, the battery holder gives you a more convenient hands-free experience. It can clip onto your belt, or you can use the cross-body strap to attach the battery to your body. That means you don’t need to find space in your pocket for the external battery pack, or worry about it flying out of your jeans.

Extra Apple Vision Pro Accessories for Comfort and Practicality

The Apple Vision Pro headset comes with most of the basic accessories you need included. You’ll get the light seal cushion, intended to help boost your immersion during virtual reality experiences. Plus, you get a battery, a cover for your headset, and a polishing cloth.

You’ll also get a dual loop headband and a solo knit band, so you can ensure the headset fits perfectly to your face. This is important, considering the Apple Vision Pro is quite a hefty device. Of course, you can always choose to buy “extra” components and replacements too.

Buying additional light seals, headbands, and cables basically just means you’ll have a backup if anything goes wrong with your current setup. The options include:

  • Charging cable: $19 for a 1m cable, or $29 for 2m
  • Power brick: $39
  • Extra light seal: $199
  • Extra light seal cushion: $29
  • Extra solo knit band: $99
  • Extra dual loop band: $99

Apple Vision Pro Accessories: Compatible Options

Alongside a range of add-ons, accessories, and extras specially designed for the Apple Vision Pro, the tech giant has highlighted a range of “compatible” products you can use with the headset. These options are great for increasing productivity, enhancing audio, and more. Options include:

  • Magic Keyboard: $99: A Vision Pro-compatible keyboard for typing and working in extended reality. The “virtual keyboard” on the headset can be a little tricky to master, so we recommend considering this option if you’re using the device for immersive work.
  • Magic Trackpad: $129: Similar to the Magic Keyboard, the Magic trackpad gives you more precision when working in extended reality. It can help with writing on virtual whiteboards, selecting pieces of text, and similar tasks.
  • AirPods Pro: $249: While the Apple Vision Pro includes spatial audio, it’s worth considering earbuds for more private conversations. The AirPods Pro 2 buds can stream lossless audio via Bluetooth for an exceptional audio experience.
  • Sony Dualsense controller: $69.95 If you want to play games on the Vision Pro with a more familiar controller, you can connect a PlayStation controller from Sony to your Vision Pro. This links to the device using the PS Remote app.
  • AirTag: $29: If you’re worried about losing your device, particularly in a busy office environment, you can link an Apple Vision Pro to an air tag and monitor its location from your smartphone.

Notably, the Apple Vision Pro is also compatible with Mac computers, so you can access your favorite applications through VisionOS, and create a virtual desktop for work. You can also link your headset to the latest iPhone 15 Pro. This allows you to record spatial videos to play on your new “spatial computing device.”

Apple Vision Pro Accessories: Upgrades and Protection

As well as investing in physical Apple Vision Pro accessories, you can also upgrade your headset with some additional options. For instance, if you want to upgrade the standard 256GB storage space, you can pay an extra $200 for a 512GB version. Or you can upgrade to 1TB for an extra $400.

If you’re concerned about protecting this rather expensive device from accidental damage, you can also purchase AppleCare Plus. An extra 2-year warranty will add another $499 to your bill. However, even with the coverage plan, you’ll need to pay around $299 for each repair.

Despite this, the extra protection could be worthwhile. Apple has suggested that certain repairs, such as “cracked cover glass,” can cost up to $799 to fix without a coverage plan. Additionally, other damage can cost almost as much as your headset itself.

The good news is the AppleCare Plus plan will protect you from an “unlimited” number of accidents during the coverage duration. As long as you can pay the $299 deductible each time, the warranty could give you the peace of mind you need when investing in this new headset.

Third-Party Accessories

Since the Apple Vision Pro has yet to officially launch (at the time of writing), the number of third-party accessories available is still limited. There are a few options, however. For instance, Spigen has created an Apple Vision Pro carrying case for about half the price of Apple’s solution, with extra organizational pockets for your cables.

Speck Products has also announced an impending collection of Apple Vision Pro accessories, such as carrying cases and lens protectors. Plus, if you’re looking for a way to showcase your unique sense of style, Casetify will soon be launching a series of headbands, neck straps, cushions, and cases for the Apple Vision Pro as part of its “Bounce Vision series.”

For those interested in luxury headbands, Bandwerk has begun introducing a variety of Italian leather headbands for the Vision Pro, with easily replaceable elements. The brand also offers a matching light seal, which sits between the Vision Pro’s screen and your face.

Caviar, the luxury jewelry company, has also announced an upcoming “customized” version of the Apple Vision Pro, decked out in 18-karat gold. This $40k upgrade probably won’t be a must for most buyers, but it offers an interesting insight into the variety of accessories that could be yet to come.

Accessorizing Your Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro accessories mentioned above represent the foundation of a potential mountain of upcoming products for the XR device. If the Apple Vision Pro turns out to be the ultimate “spatial computing” experience, there’s no doubt we’ll see more options emerging in the future.

Apple may continue to introduce new accessories, such as extra head straps or better power banks. Plus, we’re sure to have plenty of third-party accessories to choose from in the months ahead. For the time being, there are still plenty of ways to customize, optimize, and enhance your Apple Vision Pro, whether you’re shopping with Apple or another vendor.

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