AA Drives VR Training for 2,500 Mobile Mechanics

AA and ARuVR partner to prepare its workforce for any situation use VR immersive learning modules

The AA's Immersive Training Module Speeds Up Learning, says Head of Learning and Delivery
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Published: July 13, 2023


Rory Greener

This month, roadside assistance firm AA partnered with leading immersive training solutions provider ARuVR to deliver XR-enhanced classroom opportunities for its engineering workforce.  

The AA is leveraging the award-winning immersive learning platform to help its 2,500 mobile mechanics prepare for roadside service operations. 

Frank Furnari, CEO & Founder, ARuVR added: 

Linear learning cannot replicate specific situations such as working at the roadside. With ARuVR, The AA is able to deliver real-life scenarios without compromising learner safety in any way.  

Furnari also said that ARuVR provides end-users like AA with a no-code content creation platform that dramatically simplifies creating and delivering bespoke immersive training solutions.  

Furnari explained: 

Combine this with the ease with which VR and AR content can be created through our no-code platform, and the proposition and efficiencies are compelling. 

The firm said ARuVR’s immersive learning programme reduced AA’s time-to-competence and the required overall training modules. 

The news comes just after ARuVR became the first XR company recognised by Sifted as one of its “top 40 European early-stage startups to watch.”

The AA to Deliver Next-Generation Training  

The AA’s internal team worked with ARuVR to design a bespoke training service which mixes XR, in-person classroom settings, and live remote video feed to lead learners through virtual learning scenarios.  

Moreover, the firm is combining XR with conventional workplace digital tools like Microsoft Teams to provide a foundation of suitable integrated solutions to drive positive learning outcomes.  

The project partnership also allows AA to “embed” XR into its company. The classroom immersive learning site is not only a space for students to hone their skills in virtual scenarios, but the VR-ready classroom setting also provides The AA with a space to introduce, onboard, and create a discussion around XR in its workplace.  

“ARuVR enables us to take a very text heavy “dry” 2D linear training module and easily convert it to a fully immersive 360 module,” said Louise Greenhoff, Group Head of Learning and Delivery, at The AA. 

Greenhoff also noted that by leveraging XR and “integrating actual footage taken from our roadside fleets’ onboard cameras,” The AA can provide a next-generation learning opportunity with improved ROI outcomes.  

Additionally, Greenhoff added: 

 It really is as if the learner was actually there in real-life. ARuVR has speeded our learning time to competence and is generating ever increasing training efficiencies. 

The AA XR training programme also allows students to experience dangerous virtual situations, such as busy roads with poor weather conditions. 

XR’s increased sense of immersion – that traditional training methods do not accommodate – allows users to access a broader range of training scenarios that prepare them for onsite work extensively.  

National Highways Also Leverage Immersive Learning

Moreover, the UK’s National Highways group also leverages VR to train future workers for high-risk onsite procedures.

In a programme that closely mirrors The AA’s efforts, the UK Governmental subsidiary partnered with the Varjo-powered MXT training platform to upskill frontline workers and increase the efficiency of its officers.

National Highways worked with MXT to create an inexpensive immersive training system that does not interrupt operating roads.

MXT provides the UK governmental firm with a low-cost solution that leverages fully immersive and interactive virtual environments to recreate scenarios that tutors struggle to teach in a classroom environment.

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