5 Best Business Apps For Enterprise VR Headsets

Rebekah Carter

Business VR Apps You Need to Try

5 Best Business Apps For Enterprise VR Headsets

The idea that virtual reality is a solution just for gamers and entertainment fans is quickly becoming outdated. Today’s business teams are starting to recognize the value of VR for the enterprise, too, as a tool for creativity, collaboration, and training.

As VR headsets become more accessible, and software opens up to support the experimentation of developers all over the globe, there are tons of opportunities for companies interested in the VR world. If you’re thinking of bringing virtual reality into your workplace, here are some of the leading business apps for VR headsets available right now.

1.   Immersed

Immersed VR is a unique collaboration experience for companies intrigued by VR technology. You don’t need a huge amount of cash to explore this service, as it’s available to download for free. The system works by placing you and your remote colleagues in the same virtual environment. That way, you can share files, check out documents, and collaborate with your team as though you were in the same office.

Immerse has a solo mode for private working, and the option to spawn various monitors into your digital environment without any need for additional hardware. You can share screens, write on a whiteboard with your colleagues and more.

2.   MeetinVR

Make your meeting experience more immersive than ever with MeetinVR, a tool dedicated to making human interactions more intuitive in a virtual landscape. The MeetinVR experience connects people from all over the globe, with customisable virtual avatars, brainstorming features, mind mapping, and file sharing too.

You can easily present and review materials and resources in a shared space, create 3D models with your colleagues, and sketch together on ideas. There’s also the option to choose from a wide selection of meeting rooms to suit your business.

3.   Dimension 10

Speaking of 3D models, Dimension 10 is a company helping designers and architects to build new concepts like never before. You can collaborate on 3D models in this virtual environment and transform sketches into 3D designs that help you to remove risks and identify challenges with your team. Dimension 10 increases common understanding and boosts creative opportunity

You can even drag and drop existing models from other software into your D10 experience, so that you don’t have to start building again from scratch.

4.   NVIDEA Holodeck

One of the better-known VR apps for businesses in the current landscape, the NVIDA Holodeck is a virtual reality platform that connects peers, designers, stakeholders, and colleagues from anywhere in the world. With the holodeck, you can build a realistic and collaborative environment in moments, bringing teams together to speed up productivity and performance.

The Holodeck has a variety of purposes to explore, including automotive manufacturing and architecture development. Artists can even import their own computer-generated graphics so that they can explore ideas from an entirely new perspective.

5.   Engage

Engage is a corporate training and educational platform built in a virtual reality environment. If you need help hosting presentations and classes with people around the world, Engage has you covered. This advanced training system makes it easy to pull various forms of content into a unique learning environment. You can create your own custom experiences in minutes.

Engage doesn’t require any technical expertise to use, as one of the most convenient tools around, and you can even host live training sessions if you like. For those who want to access pre-existing courses, there’s a marketplace for buying lessons.

Which transformational business apps will you be using for your VR experience?



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